Innocent or Guilty – Session

GM: Andrew


  • Rebekah playing Gabrielle
  • Rachael playing Griselda
  • Calvin playing Burgmor
  • Sean playing Zhaital
  • Louis playing Rogesh
  • Haley playing Star

Summary: New character met the existing group in the Magical Manor eating breakfast. They approached Merrick after breakfast who informed them that YON had an issue regarding large wolves attacking farmsteads. The group spoke with Yon and learned the attacks were far more sinister in nature, with the wolves acting in a more intelligent manner. They located the tracks from a recent attack and tripped over a trap. An old trapper admonished the group, whom they ignored. Delving further into the woods they found six wolves the size of a large horse with animated remains of the victims. Destroying the wolves in a few rounds, the group found a new pyramid made of obsidian. Burgmor informed the group the pyramid was meant to channel negative planar energy into a heart stone. Rogesh spoke with the spirits trapped around the structure, and learned of an orc ripping spirits of the wolves out and infusing something else in them. The group entered into the pyramid…


Meal: Pizza

Innocent Or Guilty – Session 24

GM: Andrew


  • Sean
  • Matt
  • Calvin
  • Rachael
  • Rebekah
  • Faye
  • Chrissy
17 Felix
23 Gaby
15 RaCHEL chrissy
12 CAL
6 Monsters
5 Zhaital

Sketchy notes:

This game involved killer bovine 😉  GM memory is hazy. Group investigated some strange disappearances – they tracked down the trail to a pack of killer bovine. An object was involved in causing the Bovine to become evil… player input and recollection is required to piece this game back together.


Innocent or Guilty – Session 23

Innocent or Guilty


  • Calvin playing Burgmor
  • Rebekah playing Gabby
  • Sean playing Zhaital
  • Matt K. playing Felix
  • Rachael playing???
  • ABSENT: Camrin
  • ABSENT: Faye

The Search for the Amulet:

Continuing onward, the group decides to track down the mysterious Amulet that Felix seems enthralled with. Finding a Portal, and activating it, the group goes into a Hellish Plane.

Finding a Ebony Tower, the group enters. No light pierces the darkness, simple torches only give a faint light out to 5 feet. Burgmor wanders off, and ends up being attacked. Felix manages to make it to a level, and is stranded when Burgmor dispels the magic in the area. Felix meets a strange old man. After conversing, the old man allows Felix to see his Telescope. Felix discovers his amulet in a hollow leg.

Burgmor is dropped to 1 Strength after being foolish enough to wander off from the group. Zhaital is perplexed and mad that his friends seem to use BAD MAGIC!.

After a few more incidents, the group leaves the Tower and make it back to their dimension after sacrificing a valuable gem.

Innocent or Guilty – Bridging the Gap

GM: Andrew


  • Camrin playing  Oram Summer
  • Faye playing Prier
  • Rachael playing Mysti Winters


Prelude to Merrick’s Manor – The characters are invited to a recruitment opportunity to join the guild of Thieves’. Upon reaching the warehouse where this meeting was to take place, they note Bull Dog ‘Bully’ men are hanging round the grounds. They enter and take a seat. A concusive wave knocks them out, but not before seeing the bodies of two murdered victims.

They awaken in a dungeon cell, recalling the gruesome scene they witness earlier. They would learn they are being held for the aiding in a murder of Lord and Lady Hedron. Known to be friends of the down trodden. A man identifying himself as Merrick asks the accused if any would like to assist in clearing their own names by searching for evidence to prove their innocence.

The three companions agree, and head out. First they visit the Hedron Household to make their well wishes, and case the place for evidence under the guise of blessing the house; then they head to the upscale district where they learn of Caldric and his suspected wrong doing. (Associating with Bully, and disliking his inheritance being spent away by his parents on the street scum and rifraff.

Finally, they head to the scene of the crime, discover the gruesome ritual and a trap door. Before descending, they check in at the Jail and reveal their discoveries before returing and discovering Bully and his gang discussing an upcoming riot. They wait till Bully leaves to claim the ritual daggers used in the murder. With the evidence in hand, they return to the jail and clear their names.

Innocent or Guilty – Session 22


  • Andrew (GM)
  • Calvin playing Burgmor
  • Rebekah playing Gaby
  • Matt playing Felix

Meal: Hamburgers

Short Summary:

Burgmor Searches for his book. Discovers the man with the book is actually his father and his entire past is a lie.

Innocent or Guilty – Session 19 [World of Darkness]

To fight the Armada of Undead… and wake up with the Dead?


  • Matt K.
  • Rebekah
  • Calvin
  • George
  • Dan

[Food – Pizza]

Recap by GM. Group was summoned by the Dragon Ship to handle the undead armada. Hagar got drunk in the ships’ bar. They took off into space, and everyone was summoned to the ‘bridge’ where each person contributed admirably to the success of the mission. However, after exploding the enemy flagship, the shockwave/emp blast knocked the ship offline and crash landed onto another planet. CUT SCENE to Two SUVs, cell phone rings “Tony here!”, “Tony, take your team to the coordinates you’ve been sent and do a recon, grab whatever you can and report back”. “Yes sir” – *click*. Our crack commando team consists of Team Leader and Sniper ‘Tony Dupre’ – Vampire; 2nd in command and espionage expert ‘Angelina Mariposa’ – Vampire; Heavy Fire power, Demolitions and mechanic “John Baxter’ – Werewolf; Magic and Occult support “Ciant”, Intelligence Officer “Awakened” – Human. They responded to the crash site of a space faring vessel, and pulled out the crew – a hairy smelly brute (Hagar), a dog (Felix), a female human (Gaby), a human wearing robes (Burgmor) and another human wearing outlandish garb (Iruka).

The game-play consisted of the World of Darkness group interrogating the Fantasy Group – they were hard to crack, and thus it took most of the game-play time. Eventually, the fantasy group was released to the Kercpa manning a Portal Tree, and they would have to arrange to get their derelict space craft back home.

Innocent or Guilty – Session 18

Elijah Wood as Frodo in Peter Jackson's live-a...

Somethings should never have to be seen!

Cthulhu-Bear Down, Undead Horrors left unchecked!


  • Bekah
  • Calvin
  • George
  • Dan
  • Absent – Robert
  • Absent – Matt K.

Recap by Andrew. Meal – Cure-All Chicken Soup, Bread & Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Beginning of the adventure – Gaby and Burgmor were brought into the mansion to meet the newer members to help in their Dream Kids – Hagar and Iruka. Having obtained three children of the five expected – Timothy, Lerona, and Volund. They were sent out to find Oridon and Antaeus. Before leaving, everyone seemed to challenge Hagar to a duel, except Gaby.

Hagar – Barbarian from the North, wields a Greataxe. Doesn’t bathe.

Iruka – Wizard Student, seems competent in his studies

Hagar beat Burgmor in a single round. Frodo and Hagar had a good pace, took about five rounds before Frodo went down. Hagar was impressed (He only had HP from his Rage Ability); Iruka defeated Hagar (More from luck than anything) with his Lightning Bolts.

After all the dueling, Burgmor was able to discover where Oridon was located. Gaby scouted the area and discovered the 10 year old and his gang of six other same age. She was a little shocked to see them acting as a dog pack, and their speed was uncanny. Being delicate, only Gaby and Burgmor went into the alley, being charming, Gaby was able to convince the your Alpha to assist them for money, food and safety for the “pack”. Back at the Manor, Iruka challenged Oridon, and was thoroughly beaten in a few rounds, his Lightning Bolt and Flaming Whips having very little effect on the boy.

Gaby and Burgmor again discovered Artaeus was at a monastery. It was Hagar who convinced the young man to join them with glory and fame.

They gathered the kids into the nearby forest where the powers of the Dream Entities became very apparent; the Cthulhu-Bear appeared and the kids went to work – Young Tim rode a Huge Centipede thing with Cat Legs and Cat Mouth which was breathing fire; Lerona and her Three-headed Pseudodragon Deity were calling Lightning down upon the beast; Oridon assisted his Large Wolf-headed Ape in confronting the beast head on; Artaeus flanked while a Swarm of Vampire Bat devoured the beast; Volund and his Raccoon also flanked the creature. Before the groups eyes the bats distracted the beast as pieces of its flesh disappeared.

After the battle, they head to the grotto to seal the portal that unleashed these Dream Entities. They meet an old trapper and his pet “moose” ‘Gertrude. Gaby is able to convince him and Gertrude to allow them in, and Iruka begins the ritual, Burgmor stops Iruka before he makes a critical mistake and takes over the ritual sealing the portal.

Back at the Mansion, Hagar and Gaby decided to play in the rabbit room – Hagar bribed Iruka 50 gp to leave them alone. The rabbit got the best of Hagar, but Gabby managed to catch it. Hagar ended up retelling how he came to be in the Mansion of Merrick.

Burgmor studies and tries to learn where his book has been taken. The others debate the oncoming Undead Armada and how they’ll deal with it, as the Cthulhu-Bear is now dealt with.