Steampunk, a murder mystery

GM: Megan Thun


  • Andrew
  • Rebekah
  • Rachael
  • Ashley
  • Jeff

Summary: Murder Mystery adventure. Set in the steampunk era. The group was brought to a manor to solve the murder in order to inherit items from the will. In a convoluted plot, we discovered the murderer was the noble lady’s alternate self from an alternative dimension. We bravely dealt with otherworldly intrusions and tentacles from the weird space.

[Guest] All Flesh Must Be Eaten – Western 1880’s (Part 1 of 2)

System: All Flesh Must Be Eaten – Period Setting 1880’s U.S.A (Ballad Singing Cowboys!)

Zombie Master: Matt Y.


  • Andrew playing Lonestar “T-rex” Crowe
  • Calvin playing Archie
  • Rebekah playing Brigitte
  • Rachael playing Ella
  • Caleb playing “Billie the Kid”


Introduced to the game system and created our survivors. We created the famous “Ferocious Five… and Newt”. This is a time of horseback riding, frontiers, Indian Attacks, and rugged country with rugged men. As such, the terms used and songs sung are set to reflect the period – minus the racial slurs…

The gang all has a WONDER HORSE except for Calvin’s PC, who has a sidekick Chinaman called “Newt” who is fluent in English. He is a tracker and able bodied fellow. Our group is Federal Marshals that are called in by the government when the locals can’t handle issues. Such as Indian uprisings. We were called from our ranches all across the states – Nevada, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, Kentucky. Our objective, investigate the Town of Mercer, AZ, and find out if there is anything about these kidnappings and attacks by mystical Indians.

Arriving in what Tuscon Arizona, we traveled by horse 30 miles to Mercer and found it to be a quaint town. Population approx 100. Nothing like a good ole’ frontier town, with the dusty dirt streets, the wandering tumble weed, and all the buildings being boarded up… Wait, what? Looked like a Ghost Town. Not a soul to be seen or heard. The telegraph post was abandoned. Next the sheriff’s office. Boarded up, but we found Deputy Hayes sleeping at the desk. He filled us in that most of the folk up and left, but he was here cause of seven who refused to leave. The banker, two hostel owners, the general store owner, the saloon owner and his daughter. And then the mysterious Bonnie who was a local tracker and trapper, but she lived out in her own house in the wild.

From Deputy Hayes we learned that a fella going by the name “The Phantom” was giving an ultimatum to the folk here to leave or be slaughtered by the Indians at midnight. The messengers would be in town at high noon to see if the folk would comply or die. Seeing as this was an opportune time, we added some tables to the hostel balcony and had Deputy Hayes meet these men. Hayes met the three strangers and told them they weren’t leaving. When the leader slapped him, Lonestar shot the hat off his head as a warning. Billie and Archie did the same to the other two henchmen. Then we gave them an ultimatum, drop yer weapons, and surrender. We placed them under arrest with multiple charges, then Archie and Billie shook em down for answers. We learned the henchmen didn’t know nothing about their employer, but knew the Indians were dead but animated somehow, and that they used Aztec style weapons.

We finished sizing up the town, chose the brick ihostel for our base. Lonestar remained at the Jail to watch the jail birds. We convinced the Hostel owners to leave town with Deputy Hayes. Brigitte scouted out the local area and got ambushed by Dead looking but yet still walking Indians! Silver, the wonder horse alerted Lonestar to gunfire. He called out and then leapt into the saddle and went to investigate. Wade the wonder horse alerted Billie, and the nameless wonder horse alerted Ella. Newt took over guard duty.

Brigitte had her hands full trying to take down the dead that weren’t dead. The rest arrived and assisted in taking them down…

End of the Session

Another Doctor Blake and Gus Adventure…

GM: Andrew


  • Sean playing Gus
  • Calvin playing Doctor Blake
  • Chrissy (Kinda playing Theresa)
  • Rachael (Kinda playing Mysti)


Came across a derelict spacecraft. It had a space spider and the group discovers that the crew had been overwhelmed by a swarm of space spiders. Only two crew were able to survive, a KOBOLD and a TROLL. Kobold was the pilot, and the Troll is a Engineer/Mechanic. The crew were recruited by Doctor Blake and Gus to join their crew.

Guest Game – Andrew – Module Dead Man’s Party

GM Matt K was unable to join due to illness, another month before we can RESUME the Iron Kingdoms game…

Mawdryn Undead

Mawdryn Undead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GM: Andrew


  • Calvin playing Warrick
  • Sean playing Boran
  • Rachael playing Mysti


Guest game. Our adventure begins in a BAR, whereupon an mid-aged Nobleman requests the group to investigate the Sanitarium. He relays that the locals claim to have seen the living dead heading up that direction, and they haven’t heard from the place in a weeks’ time. He offers a reward for their help. They accept and depart for the place on the hill.

Along the way they discover a group of ZOMBIES heading towards the same place as them. Nearby, they discover a Ranger  named ZANDER is shooting ZOMBIES. He offers to assist them to reach the place, and to disguise themselves. He detests the undead infesting his forest of late, but refuses to go into the building.

Arriving at the Sanitarium, they see a Ghoul speaking to the mindless undead and invite them in. Warrick takes the Door Ghoul down in one round, and they proceed in to follow the undead into the ball room, where they begin dancing in grotesque displays of mockery of the previous life. They proceed to dungeon style go room-to-room and destroy the undead in each room. Eventually they learn from a group of Noble Ghouls that the Necromancer has a dark rift that brings the undead to the place and he plans on taking over the world.

They find the rift and after a few various attempts destroy the rift and the guardian.

Call of Cthulhu – Session 3

GM: Matt Yeoman


  • Calvin
  • Matt?
  • Kat?
  • Conor
  • Kole
  • Mike
  • ?

Andrew was absent due to work. I have no information of what happened…



Iron Kingdoms! Session 1

GM: Matt Keffer


  • Andrew
  • Sean
  • Calvin
  • Kat (Guest)
  • Rebekah

We played a store Module to introduce the characters to the grim and gritty world of IRON KINGDOM. This is a non-d20 setting, but we enjoyed the concepts.

Storyline: We are a non-chartered group looking to become Chartered. We get called in by our legal liaison who wants us to acquire something to pay a ransom for his kidnapped family. The promise of being chartered our reward. We go to the Alchemist Shop where we find we’re not the only ones interested in finding this object. After a brief confrontation at the door, we’re all blown to the street by an explosion. Doing some fast super sleuthing, we gather evidence, and then head to a barge where we have a lead. Finding those same guys that were giving us issue being executed, we board and confront the pirates. A large battle ensues. We fight undead, a sorceress, and the brutish troll who is tough. In the end we recover a nasty core of a mech (A bad necro version) and ended the game where we learn the law officer is a double crosser. (Good thing we chose the winning side…)

Christmas in Space…

GM: Andrew (Guest Game – Where Doctor Blake and Gus make another annual appearance)


  • Sean
  • Calvin
  • Rachael
  • Donnamarie (Guest Appearance)
  • Rebekah
  • ???

STORY: Fantasy Earth like planet. Gus and Dr. Blake have a business. They get a contact that needs them to pick up cargo and deliver it (Ho, ho, ho)… During the flight they grab the cargo, and then en-route, they are beset by marauders! The ship takes some serious hits and they make an emergency landing. In the hold, the cargo explodes, and up stands a lady. She convinces them to let her stay till she can make her way on her own. Gus, Blake and the others deliver the remaining items and get paid for their efforts.



Mike’s Log:

Recap of prev adventure…

Gus and Dr Blake captured a ship
They were in a prison, Gus tapped into the security using gum, a paperclip, and blades of grass.
End previous recap. lol.

This adventure: We are hired by a private dealer to deliver a crate from a dig site to a wealthy
private collector.

Falon (Tomboy), Dr Blake (Pill Popper), Gus (dwarf technomage), Barbie (priss), Tammy Gill, and Mysti Winters all get together. Three blondes and a auburn-brunette. Fun!

We are flying to the drop site with the ship, and we are attacked by other ships! Ow!
The cargo is damaged, and begins to hiss. Gus patched it.
The ship is hit again and hull breach!! Klaxons flailing.
Barbie mans some guns, Falon begins to pilot while Dr Blake repairs what he could, and Gus does too. Tammy and Mysti look for suits, find one, and then man guns too..
Two of the three attackers are destroyed before the ship crash lands on the dropoff planet. The third ship attacking does not follow us down.

We figure out that the ship would take too long to repair and we wouldn’t be on time. So we put on the suits and attempt to leave. The crate explodes and blasts most of us away from it. Dr Blake and Barbie heal themselves.

A woman (jedi/sith) pops out of the crate, and we introduce ourselves with some tension. We decide to
still go to the dropoff point but we’re not sure we’ll deliver the ‘cargo’ as planned. Barbie dons a festive red and green spacesuit and takes up the rear, while Gus puts on a red nose and leads the group..

Dr Blake passes out pills. A few (Mysti, Tammy, and Delfina) do not take them.
In the distance approaching us are speeder bikes… they attack and we defeat them.
We then quibble on if we’re going to go to the spaceport/outpost of the hut, or not.
When approaching the spaceport, there is the contact with a stock report who seems to answer questions truthfully (according to doctor blake) when he uses a zone of truth pill. We discover he doesn’t likely realize what it is was in the crate (the jedi is REALLY old.) Dr Blake tells him to accompany us. He checked the manifest and took everything but the jedi seeming none the wiser.

The ship is put in dry dock and repaired and the guns are upgraded.
Delfina got lost in the crowd.

-end session-


Call of Cthulhu – Part II

GM: Matt Y.


  • Andrew
  • Faye
  • Mike
  • Rachael
  • Conor
  • Kole

Summary – Our group went back to the Hollywood set out in the middle of nowhere. We were going to destroy the Strange Beings.  We went to the Village in the hills, found the adobe huts and the ‘Soul’ in the temple. We torched the item that sent the beings on into the afterlife. (This was the conclusion of our first game)



Our Heroes went to investigate strange disappearances and odd fires in the hills. We met a strange man who worked with alien beings. After much talking, we subdued him and then fought these strange bee-like beings. After disrupting their ritual and defeating the remainder we called it a night.

Call of Cthulhu

GM: Matt Yeoman


Mike Alice Bennett – Actress Playwright
Calvin Lyle Witlow – Anthropologist
Camrin Andrew Withrow – Stunt Man
Faye Janice Plum – PI (Studio)
Rachael Jacob Turlow – PI (Regular)
Rebekah Xavier Nash – Occultist
Andrew Samuel Decatur – Doctor to the Stars

Plot: 1920’s we are hired to investigate the mysterious death of two people, and the insanity of another all linked to one film made where there used to be a tribe of natives.

RAW Notes:

James Raven – Insane

  • Monica Anikova – Died suspect suicide
  • Erik Von Varnstein – Died
  • Pier Batiste – Head Camera
  • Spanish – Journal (Father Joespha Spanish Missionary) 1700’s
  • June 7,  four people killed, hunt for the lion ended with two dogs disappeared and another man died in a rock slide.
  •  Hotethk (Hoe-Tek) Tribe
  •  Corngod, black beast and spirit.
  •  Must burn souls to stop them;  chant spell.


We went about investigating the incident. We discovered the Film Roll for the film that wasn’t supposed to exist and managed to get it restored (Someone had tried destroying it by fire)

We spoke with James Raven and decided he was utterly insane. After collecting information from the library, we set out to the shoot site. It was there things took a turn for the worse. Someone glanced and saw an alien beast. We discovered mayhem and turmoil. Finally we found special lenses, and saw that the film had captured alien creatures. We decided to leave and found our two drivers decapitated with heads on spears. The engines of both vehicles destroyed. After some work, we were able to repair one vehicle and left. And not a moment too soon as the alien creatures gave chase. Three of us could see the otherwise normally invisible beings with the special lenses. We escaped…

Game ended.

Guest Game – Quest of the Plague

GM: George Cool

Mission life diarama

Mission life diarama (Photo credit: kern.justin)


  • Andrew playing Geldon (Specialty Priest of Mystra)
  • Rachael playing Misty Neverwinter (Female Elf Hunter)
  • Calvin playing a human merchant/ egoist
  • Daniel playing a human finesse fighter and then later a halfling coward
  • Mike playing a Half-orc Barbarian (Doke)

The Mission Simple – Find and stop the source of the burning plague. We gathered a group together, sought permission from the mayor to enter the silver mines. Dispatched we kobolds in the mines, then dire rats that took down Doke. After resting, we discovered an Orc Priest desecrating the town water supply. Killed we him and saved the town.

Departing to Silvermoon to report to his superiors, Geldon did. Along the path an Orc patrol was found camping, eating a halfling on a spit, two others were in cages. Geldon caused four of the Orcs to sleep, the Half-Orc Doke caused one to fall into the fire. The remaining tried to flee with the caged halflings, but Geldon caused them to sleep as well. We killed them all and set the halflings free. Resuming our journey.

Geldon was informed that the Orcs are stirring, and to seek out the Dwarves to aid in an upcoming battle.

Herein we ended the game.