Tribal Conquest – Session 1

Demon Sword to send lite

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Of Tribes and Demon Swords;

GM: Calvin (Guest GM)

Players: Andrew and Mike

Level 2 Characters.

Mike played an oriental “kenshen” style character build. To Hit was +13 with his weapon, and his AC was 23. Definitely a fighter type. HP 24

Andrew played Dratha, a jack of all trades – Fighter, Rogue, Wizard and Cleric (Hey, it’s only two players, and we didn’t know what type of game to expect). To Hit was +8/+8, AC 19, HP 20.

The mission setup was simple – there are several tribes, and a war is brewing from the big main one against the smaller tribes. My character is in the guard of the tribe, while the Kenshen character is a mercenary from a neighboring tribe.

We’re sent by the Clan-chief/King, to find a mystic weapon of power called the “Demon Sword“; along for the ride was the King’s son, Richard the Prince. [We called him Prince the entire time, but he did live up to being a DICK!]

First night out, Dratha notices that the prince’s sword is glowing. Seeing as it’s the prince’s sword, Dratha ignores it. Next day on the road we meet our enemies, Six to Three. Odds are in their favor, but we’re confident in our ability. However, as soon as they approach to attack, “prince” sits down, leaving it Six to Two. The first round we hold our own, even dropping one, then the second round we drop another two, but Kenshen is slightly hurt and I’m badly injured. On the third round a critical upon the Kenshen drops him. I sacrifice my action to revive my comrade instead of myself, but I’m taken down. Kenshin is struck once again critically and “killed”. We both find ourselves on the ground and “Dick” admonishing us about being pathetic and lame. We both mutter under our breath about how a little help during the battle would have made things go much differently. Prince leads the way, deciding to head straight through another band of the enemy. We stealthily avoid them and wonder at why they ignore Prince. At the town, Prince waits for us to find the contact, and has us do all the talking. We learn from “Age” that the sword is in a cave several miles away in a certain direction.

We travel in the direction and discover we’re being tailed. We try to outrun the enemy, but “Dick” decides to pull his lame trick of sitting down while we face four more enemy. (Did I mention the prince is a true DICK?). We finish them off, heal our wounds and press onward. We find the valley. Dratha doesn’t believe what he is seeing, after all we’re supposed to see a cave, not a valley. He sees through the illusion and enters the cave. A voice of age floats around us and basically says we’re cool and bad, but must prove ourselves in passing several trials. The first is of riddles, we blaze through them, with only a few issues. Next we solve a puzzle. After that, we fight our “shadow” selves, unfortunately, we end up fighting the other’s shadow. With teamwork, we take down Kenshen’s shadow, and then kill mine. We see the Demon Sword, but no talking. Asking out loud if we’d passed and the sword was ours, the voices declaims it’s disappointment in us not just trying to take the sword, and says the final challenge is facing him. In this contest “Dick” actually participates. It’s clear to us, that sitting this one out will only result in a stalemate. We assist in the fight and eventually overcome him. Dratha grabs the sword and they head back to their tribe. Dratha respectfully presents the sword to the king, and they are both rewarded. The king is pleased that we were able to tolerate the prince.

End game.