Another Doctor Blake and Gus Adventure…

GM: Andrew


  • Sean playing Gus
  • Calvin playing Doctor Blake
  • Chrissy (Kinda playing Theresa)
  • Rachael (Kinda playing Mysti)


Came across a derelict spacecraft. It had a space spider and the group discovers that the crew had been overwhelmed by a swarm of space spiders. Only two crew were able to survive, a KOBOLD and a TROLL. Kobold was the pilot, and the Troll is a Engineer/Mechanic. The crew were recruited by Doctor Blake and Gus to join their crew.

Christmas in Space…

GM: Andrew (Guest Game – Where Doctor Blake and Gus make another annual appearance)


  • Sean
  • Calvin
  • Rachael
  • Donnamarie (Guest Appearance)
  • Rebekah
  • ???

STORY: Fantasy Earth like planet. Gus and Dr. Blake have a business. They get a contact that needs them to pick up cargo and deliver it (Ho, ho, ho)… During the flight they grab the cargo, and then en-route, they are beset by marauders! The ship takes some serious hits and they make an emergency landing. In the hold, the cargo explodes, and up stands a lady. She convinces them to let her stay till she can make her way on her own. Gus, Blake and the others deliver the remaining items and get paid for their efforts.



Mike’s Log:

Recap of prev adventure…

Gus and Dr Blake captured a ship
They were in a prison, Gus tapped into the security using gum, a paperclip, and blades of grass.
End previous recap. lol.

This adventure: We are hired by a private dealer to deliver a crate from a dig site to a wealthy
private collector.

Falon (Tomboy), Dr Blake (Pill Popper), Gus (dwarf technomage), Barbie (priss), Tammy Gill, and Mysti Winters all get together. Three blondes and a auburn-brunette. Fun!

We are flying to the drop site with the ship, and we are attacked by other ships! Ow!
The cargo is damaged, and begins to hiss. Gus patched it.
The ship is hit again and hull breach!! Klaxons flailing.
Barbie mans some guns, Falon begins to pilot while Dr Blake repairs what he could, and Gus does too. Tammy and Mysti look for suits, find one, and then man guns too..
Two of the three attackers are destroyed before the ship crash lands on the dropoff planet. The third ship attacking does not follow us down.

We figure out that the ship would take too long to repair and we wouldn’t be on time. So we put on the suits and attempt to leave. The crate explodes and blasts most of us away from it. Dr Blake and Barbie heal themselves.

A woman (jedi/sith) pops out of the crate, and we introduce ourselves with some tension. We decide to
still go to the dropoff point but we’re not sure we’ll deliver the ‘cargo’ as planned. Barbie dons a festive red and green spacesuit and takes up the rear, while Gus puts on a red nose and leads the group..

Dr Blake passes out pills. A few (Mysti, Tammy, and Delfina) do not take them.
In the distance approaching us are speeder bikes… they attack and we defeat them.
We then quibble on if we’re going to go to the spaceport/outpost of the hut, or not.
When approaching the spaceport, there is the contact with a stock report who seems to answer questions truthfully (according to doctor blake) when he uses a zone of truth pill. We discover he doesn’t likely realize what it is was in the crate (the jedi is REALLY old.) Dr Blake tells him to accompany us. He checked the manifest and took everything but the jedi seeming none the wiser.

The ship is put in dry dock and repaired and the guns are upgraded.
Delfina got lost in the crowd.

-end session-


Harry Potter Crossover – Session 5

GM: Mike


  • Andrew playing Orion
  • Rebekah playing Yasmin
  • Rachael playing Raquel
  • Calvin playing Rao
  • ABSENT: Matt Y. playing Bela

MEAL: Pizza!


Session 5 – “The Underverse”

Our group decides to assist the kingdom and head to the ‘Eastern Scourge’, two days of travel in the wilderness and nothing happens. Arriving at an abandoned castle, we gain entry. Nobody is left. We find Flesh Golems, but after Rao kills them all, it’s revealed they were peasants. We located a scroll of foul necromancy, it had the formula to make people into these flesh golem constructs. Finding nothing else of interest, Orion has a vision of the sandy Blonde haired fellow they had captured and left in the other world. BLAST! We had an incompetent king or guards back home.

Following the ONLY set of the tracks, we reach a Bog. Floating above the marsh, we reach a dome. After much looking, we decide to rest. Orion teleports in after astrally projecting himself inside. A Small box is inside. Rao makes it her mission to open the little box that resists all magic.

Eventually, the box is opened, a little rock removed. A legion of 10 skeletons erupt from the ground. Our group makes quick work of the magic missile firing skeletons. Orion teleports the group back to the Main Castle. We discover the rock is a soul shard. The queen desires it so they can destroy it.

We ended with the group, debating it’s next course of action.

Innocent or Guilty – Session 19 [World of Darkness]

To fight the Armada of Undead… and wake up with the Dead?


  • Matt K.
  • Rebekah
  • Calvin
  • George
  • Dan

[Food – Pizza]

Recap by GM. Group was summoned by the Dragon Ship to handle the undead armada. Hagar got drunk in the ships’ bar. They took off into space, and everyone was summoned to the ‘bridge’ where each person contributed admirably to the success of the mission. However, after exploding the enemy flagship, the shockwave/emp blast knocked the ship offline and crash landed onto another planet. CUT SCENE to Two SUVs, cell phone rings “Tony here!”, “Tony, take your team to the coordinates you’ve been sent and do a recon, grab whatever you can and report back”. “Yes sir” – *click*. Our crack commando team consists of Team Leader and Sniper ‘Tony Dupre’ – Vampire; 2nd in command and espionage expert ‘Angelina Mariposa’ – Vampire; Heavy Fire power, Demolitions and mechanic “John Baxter’ – Werewolf; Magic and Occult support “Ciant”, Intelligence Officer “Awakened” – Human. They responded to the crash site of a space faring vessel, and pulled out the crew – a hairy smelly brute (Hagar), a dog (Felix), a female human (Gaby), a human wearing robes (Burgmor) and another human wearing outlandish garb (Iruka).

The game-play consisted of the World of Darkness group interrogating the Fantasy Group – they were hard to crack, and thus it took most of the game-play time. Eventually, the fantasy group was released to the Kercpa manning a Portal Tree, and they would have to arrange to get their derelict space craft back home.