Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – 4/26/2014

GM: Andrew


  • Rebekah (Sorta)
  • Rachael (Sorta)
  • Spencer playing Borin a dwarven Paladin of Death
  • Angela playing Gwen, a drow archer
  • Kole playing Edge
  • Conor playing Sal
  • Calvin playing Hawkeye
  • Mike playing Kenshin
  • Matt playing Kier


So we clear out the remnants of the castle-complex and we do not find any demon prince, nor any threat re-merging.
We go back to the city near the remains and Hawkeye tries to set up a trade route using the crates. We look for Simon, and he’s at a round table with ladies. Kier leads and Simon introduces a dwarfish fellow to the team. Bald, 4ft, a beard split down the middle, black on one side, white on the other. he has a battleaxe in one hand, and his helm in the other. He’s wearing platemail. reddish tint. He introducess himself, and we ourselves to him. His name is Borin, son of Thorin, and he insults Edge’s function in the group. Next up, a woman named Gwen is introduced. She’s a drow. Grey skin, and white eyes. She is getting away from her own people because they were trying to sacrifice her. She’s a smart alec, and inexperienced. Dark purple tunic, grey leggings, dragon scale breastplate but not over her whole body and a good bow on her back. Semi-long white hair. Simon grabs our attention, and explains the Tabarath Cult is up to their old tricks. One of their lieutenants who likes dragons and orcs has been active again near the Thar mountain range. (Forgotten Realms.) There are artifacts that shouldn’t fall into the hands of the cult, and we need to stop them. Borin thinks it might be the same people who wiped out his clan (a drow wizard Vindore leading them.) There’s also a red dragon. We teleport over there and travel a day to get to the camp. The drow greet Borin and ask his business. He says we’re here to help him defend the clan to an attack, and to let the king know to prepare to battle. The king has a flowing white beard. The king cocks an eyebrow at kenshin, and questions the presence of a Drow. We tell them the scouts should be alert especially at night. Some more dwarves (12 with one more as leader who has a greataxe) enter. They show us a map, and Borin figures out the leader dwarf is a different Thorin, champion of clangeddon (a major battle he survived where giants were involved.) Borin wants to go to what he sees is a weak point in order to ambush the party. Hawkeye has his bird scout north by west. The bird sees the army around 2 days away, but can’t get a good number. we teleport Kier and Kenshin there to scout and knock someone out to bring back and interrogate.

We come up to one sentry, and we sneak up, and whack him, then teleport him back. Hawkeye reads his mind, and he figures out the chieftan issued the order to attack from the east quadrant, and he knows there are many orc tribes working toward this. 8 tribes in all, 300-500 each tribe, with shaman, and casters, perhaps 10 casters per tribe. There is a red dragon and Vindore is a drow on the red dragon.) Borin wakes him up playing both good cop and bad cop. He challenges him to a duel. Kenshin questions the morality of this Dwarf… he’ll pick on a defenseless man, but not dive into an army. The dwarf fights and smites the orc. We relay the information Hawkeye extracted to the King. The casters (mysti and Borin) tell us the dragon breathes fire, has a frightful presence, is resistant to nonmagical weapons, and it can cast spells itself. Gwen, Saltharian, and Edge go to the weak point to assist one of the tribes invasion, while the rest of us figure out tactics. The hawk scouts and finds hill giants. They’re converging on us. (end session)


Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – 02/22/2014

GM: Andrew



When last we left we killed a fire guardian and a wight, then went in a north door and discovered a drow female who looked impressive, but we didn’t want a fight, so we bluffed, and reported that we were attacked and were going to fight the invaders. Clearing out each room and gathering treasure we didn’t come across anything important plot-wise, but we found bats gargoyles and drow. We left at T-11, and are curious as to what the footprints on the mosaic’s origins are and why they’re there.

At T-11 there’s an altar, and the mosaic footprints came from the north, and there are furry-headed creatures. Mysti, Kier, and Kenshin are present (everybody else might be just tying their shoelaces)
The walls are designed to look like flesh, but they’re stone. We down the two furries, and check north.
Kier hears something moving in that room with clawed feet. Kier sees a small black dragon and quickly deflects the acid blast from it completely. It’s almost the size of a man. The footprints go from the north wall to the entrance of that room, south. Those are the origin of the footsteps.

We defeat the dragon. Kier says that he doesn’t want surprises later so he kills it. Mysti suggests it could have told us, but Kier says it wasn’t that intelligent, and Kenshin is raising an eyebrow at a human sized lizard spitting acid that talks. We move onto the next room with a snake headed man that has a humanoid body and a scimitar and shield. The head has fangs. It noticed us and attacks. Kenshin blocks one attack but gets hit with another acid attack. Kier kills it. He then discovers it’s a Yuan-Ti. (There are three kinds, half-blood, pure-blood, and abomination) This one is a half-blood.
We disarm it and tie it up. It talks to us and tells us the drow and the were-rats came. He says the passage to the north of this room leads outside. We double back to another room we haven’t been to.

There are two drow connecting this room with the one that the drow priestess is. Spiked collared elephant statues. We go to the other room we haven’t been to, in order not to alert the drow priestess.
Three female drow in chainmail are near the scrolls in the new room. They are reading scrolls, and they have daggers and loaded crossbows. Hawkeye comes to us and teleports Kier out to the hallway before they can fire weapons at him.
INITIATIVE! They run at us, and we knock them out. /INITIATIVE

We go back to the water with elephants in spike collars to lure the two drow guard from the priestess. Hawkeye throws a rock into the water to distract them. The pebble gets hit by a bolt and hits the wall instead. One drow pops in behind us and fires a crossbow bolt at us. The other one runs up to us, and we down them both, then Hawkeye tries mind reading. This drow is a lieutenant of the High Priestess. Trying to bring back the glory and power of the Demon Prince. They’re half-drow.
On the first Drow: 2 rings (one +2AC insight, and one mind-link), rapier (+1 keen), elven chain shirt (+3), yielding +7AC total, and gloves 1 (dex+4) are all magic items. The other Drow has the other mind link ring.

We remember there is another arch we have not been down. There’s glass vials on the ground and a flaming archway. Kier puts out the flames with a device, and there are two furry creatures poking bells to figure out what they are. We set them free and they run off, and then we go to split paths to attack the enchantress. Kier says he wants to distract her then he and Kenshin can flank letting the others attack. Edge joins us. There’s no enchantress or sounds in the room. There’s a hallway with the footprints moving forward. Kier stealthily goes forward. Three spiders as big as wolves are in the chamber. The walls have the same language carved on it as the scrolls. The footprints lead to copper doors in the north. There are cobwebs everywhere. There are two rooms total, one north with three spiders, one south with pews and another spider. Kier goes south, attracting attention of the other three. Kier kills it. Spider-licious!

We down all those spiders, and the doors open to a red eyed spider, two minions, a glowing statue on the other side of the room, and… (drumroll) the elf priestess. Ellasandra then shows up in bear form to help! Kier’s previous bluff pays off, and the priestess attacks the people she thinks is holding Kier hostage. Hawkeye levitates the 30-50 thousand pound statue and launches it at the spider. Ow.
We destroy them all, and the statue talks.

It says “Leave the homage you’ve payed for foresight or face the future without knowledge.”
Then it says “My sight transcends time but my advice comes only with sacrifice.” Kenshin sacrifices the +1 keen weapon. Beware the knight of lumious for they seek to keep us forever buried. Within sumberton a tenumberous evil grows. Seek Allies there. The regalia of the screaming sorcerer will one day be reunited but only after his scepter is returned from the depths of the vaathwood.

We investigate the body. Potion CMW, a pearl power 1st, two scrolls resist fire, and a wand of sunburst.



Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – Session 16

GM: Andrew


  • Matt Yeoman
  • Mike Mason
  • Calvin Bacom
  • Rachael Maitland
  • Rebekah Maitland

<<Ran Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde adventure module>> to tie into the existing game.


Characters were sent via teleport to the Valley, with the knowledge of the invasion that had been thwarted. They went to the city of Sumberton where they were recruited to recover spices and goods stolen from the Local Guild run by a powerful family of Halflings. They followed the tracks and discovered a cave descending into a partially buried complex… Fighting sentries they discovered some of the cargo they were sent to recover.

Chosen Ones 2nd Generation – Session 14

GM: Andrew


  • Rebekah playing Ellasandra
  • Conor playing Saltharion
  • Kole playing Edge
  • Calvin playing Hawkeye
  • Rachael playing Mysti
  • Mike playing Kenshin
  • Matt (Absent) playing Kier


I’m having issue recalling what all happened… *Looks for his designated recorder*

Pending further information.



With some powerful Psychic Power, Hawkeye apports the entire ship away from the fearsome Kraken.

(Note to grab Mike the recorder)….

Chosen Ones – 2nd Gen – Session 13

Himura Kenshin

Himura Kenshin (Photo credit: bibliomom)

GM: Andrew Maitland


  • Conor playing SALTHARION
  • Kole playing EDGE
  • Mike playing KENSHIN
  • Rachael playing MYSTI
  • Rebekah playing ELLASANDRA
  • Calvin playing HAWKEYE
  • Matt Y. playing KEIR
  • ABSENT: Matt K. playing SOREN

Meal: Chinese – Hunan! Yum…


Mike recaps the game.

The group reconvenes with them standing in the street. Simon is still acting rather odd and hippie-like. Kier discovers something is off, but before he can remark about it, Edge is struck with an ineffective Arrow. The others look around in time to see the figure bury an Arrow in Edge’s chest. Keir employs Acrobatics to cover the distance to gain access to the roof, using a passing Wagon, and then rolling into an attack to strike the assassin-to-be.

Kenshin, not wanting to be upstaged, dashed his way over and went to flank the opponent, but discovered the man was too evasive to be flanked! Edge, feeling annoyed at being targeted, climbed the wall to gain access, but the Assassin was blasted back by Hawkeye’s effect, he rolled and tapped Edge on the way down. After a free-for-all on the ground, they eventually subdued the man; bound him and Hawkeye gleaned information from him.

He was sent to deal with Edge if he appeared at that intersection in the next WEEK. He was part of a mercenary group that had set Edge up in the past for the Murder of his parents. Through this investigation, they discovered that TORRIK, a Cultist of Tabarath, was working to trap the Chosen Ones (Especially Sal) in another dimension. (And nearly succeeded!).

They consulted and learned the Simon they had was a doppelganger that had been drained of intelligence by a MIND FLAYER. And was part of the trap. They found where Simon was being held, ZHENTIL KEEP. They decided to head that way by Ship.

WAYLAID! A Fierce Kraken attacks their vessel on the Fourth Day. Most of the party is grappled by the dangerous beast.

Only Ella, Mysti and Kenshin remain grapple free…


  • +2 Dagger (Change Weapon, is a +2 Elven Composite Strength Bow, a Double Bladed Sword (1d8’s) and a Legacy Unlocked Form ‘Elven Curveblade’) – Edge took this weapon
  • +3 Shadow Leather Armor (+5 Armor AC, +5 Competence to Hide Checks) – Keir took this item
  • Ring of the Masterful Poisoner and Freedom of Movement (5/day may deploy a Poison it’s been exposed to.) – Kenshin took this item.

Chosen Ones – 2nd Gen – Session 12

GM: Andrew


  • Calvin playing HAWKEYE
  • Rebekah playing ELASANDRA
  • Rachael playing MYSTI
  • Matt Y. playing KIER
  • Mike playing KENSHIN

ABSENT: Conor, Kole, Matt K.

Meal: Potluck of Goodies! Roast Beast (Beef Round Tip), Salad, Corn Bread, Jello Salad, Sweet Potato with Marshmellow Topping, Baklava, Apple Pie.

SUMMARY: (By Mike game recorder)

Español: Lobo en el zoo de Kolmården (Suecia).

Driver was Delicious!

Kier snaps out of his zombie mentality but Soren, Saltharion and Edge both go into one.

Kenshin, Ella, Hawkeye, Mysti and Kier all go back to the outpost to relinquish Kenshin’s command to the previous commander.

We take the horses back to the city. On the way we hear not-quite-right wolf howling sounds.
We begin circling the wagons… We spot large canine forms approaching. The one in the lead stops the rest and then howls. The horses become spooked. The wolves are 9′ long and over 800 lbs.
We make a circle with the wagons, and they attack from two sides.
Kenshin hits one, another bites a driver, kier hits that one but is knocked down, Hawkeye hits Kenshin’s, and Ella goes bear for hitting a third. Bodyslams and bounces off.
The wolves were compelled by someone to attack us, but they do not know who. We all know the face of the person who sent the wolves to attack us. Sir Soren not-appearing-in-this-session has seen who this is. Kier wants to kill the wolves and does. Hawkeye is sad because he wanted a 9 foot bloodthirsty pet.
We walk to the edge of the field of non-teleportation, and then teleport to Hillsfar to find Simon.
The people that are normally with Simon are in the establishment, but not Simon. We ask for Simon.
From the shadows comes a lady (we think) wearing a cowl and her eyes are bound by cloth, saying “the feathered one is not here. The time of the blood that which was lost will not be found until you retrace your steps to the dawn.” Intentionally vague. “I am the novitiate of the sisterhood of the seers” another person there says “it’s no use… the seers are very… mystic…”

We get intel on the safehouse on Miller St. (destination!) and we go there.
They’re looking for Simon there too. Verion introduces himself. They just stopped an assassination attempt on the duchess

We mention the prophecy and they have no idea what it means.
Hawkeye precogs a vision:
There is a man (who sent the wolves after us), tall with blonde hair, moving with disdain a talisman with a sunburst, and there’s someone off camera saying how he sent their leader to the land of dawn.

Ella tries talking to spirits. Simon was walking, and a pit opened up underneath him and he disappeared. A tall man with blonde hair walked and fell in the pit behind him.

We investigate the pit area, and we find nothing special.

We go to see Merrick (even though we don’t know his name). Merrick says Simon is in a dimension which is hard to get to because of walking backwards and a feather and yada yada yada. Simon’s portal opened up exactly when we drew blood on one of the wolves. We ask to open the portal to wherever. We get the list of things to do and we get done and are told to begin the ritual at pre-dawn. We perform the ritual, a pit opens. we ask questions like “how do we get back” and figure out that we have to have someone on this side to open the portal again in days time. We jump in, and a few of us (who failed will saves) don’t want to leave. Eventually we find hippie Simon. And his hippie entorage.
Hawkeye persuades Simon and Kenshin to want to leave but finds it harder to convince the others but we do. We rush mightily into the portal. We get back, and talk to Simon.

End session.
Next session we should bring in more of people’s backstories (but no tables for Hawkeye to fling, he has to bring his own!)

Chosen Ones – Next Gen – Session 11

GM: Andrew


  • Mike
  • Rebekah?
  • Calvin
  • Matt?
  • Rachael

Mike’s Log

The attacks on the demon primates were a losing battle, so everybody regroups.
Soren becomes part of his *cough*METH*cough* lab and has a good time.
Kenshin recuperates from fighting with Ella and Mysti.
Hawkeye comes back, unable to find the orc.
The three members who are not here today (Kier, Sal, Edge) are investigating the tower more.
We decide to explore the dungeon since we haven’t figured that out much yet. There’s a live person.
We talk to the person, named Bion Dark. Hawkeye does most of the questioning.
Chamerion(?) army owns the building, but Bion is claiming the land within the kingdom underneath the
outpost and now the outpost too.
Bion says his people are trapped elsewhere trying to get here from another place. He is safer in the
dungeons trying to wait for the commander to surrender to him so he can take the outpost. The previous garrison
went crazy due to a curse put out by Bion’s people. Bion’s people 500 years ago were denied access when they asked.
The language to say Bion’s people’s name is Infernal. Soren gets the willies hearing the name of the species.
Our chosen one communications is not hindered by the tower, but Mysti’s magic. Bion says the tower’s people are at
the edge of the forest. the tower doesnt know much except it was created by salsinnabar. The being in the dungeon
was escorted there by a soldier inhabitant.
We decide to go check the forest edge for crazy inhabitants. 20feet beyond the edge of the forest we find 200 men
tied up and awake. They explain they were ambushed by howling monkeys and tied up.
We go back to Bion, who tells us where the portal is, (after Hawkeye fails to mentally rape Bion) and Soren goes and
finds the node with the portal which is charred. We deactivate only the glyphs and the portal appears. The primates
instinctively flock to the gate, more than 100. Bion teleports to the gate, says farewell to Soren, and steps through
after the last primate. *fanfare*

Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – Session 10

GM: Andrew


  • Mike – Kenshin
  • Rachael – Mysti
  • Bekah – Ella
  • Kole – Edge
  • Conor – Sal


After the wagon attack, Hawkeye teleports Kier and Soren to go find the magical orc.
Sal cleans up the trees from the path while Mysti rests. We then move out for the rest of the day. The night falls (but nobody gets hurt.) We arrive at hell’s (rear) end.
There’s a clearing of 500 feet where before the outpost walls (15ft high).
There’s a 5 story? tower. 60-70ft tall. It eclipses the wall. There are no guards. The gate is not a gate. It’s ajar.
There is a ballista behind the large “arrow” slots.
Inside the courtyard there are animals (farm variety)
Edge goes and tries to open it. In his head he hears “Identify yourself.” He smartmouths the door.
Kenshin tells the door he is a baronet, and there is a symbol on a coronet with a sigil. “You are now the temporary commander of the outpost.”
Edge tries to rush in, but Sal stops him.
Kenshin tells the door he wants his three companions to gain entry. It grants it.
The tower looks like a flattened starfish on the inside, there are 4 doors other than the entrance in a symmetrical pentagon.
Mysti opens up the leftmost door. Barracks with bunkbeds. can hold 150 people. It has the signs that someone left recently in a hurry.
Edge finds the mess hall on the right. (and avoids gaining weight) then he goes to the metal impeding the stairway.
The second floor seems to also be cleared out but edge hits a training dummy with a scythe… staying there.
The third floor is more food provisions (dry storage) and some extra beds.
The fourth floor has doors with the same sigil on the coronet, and they’re locked. The first opens with Kenshin’s touch and request, revealing an office.
Mysti takes the papers and maps from it. The commander thought the place was cursed, and wanted to remove his troops to Trail’s end. Three days ago. We should have passed them on the trail back. We did not.
The next room is the personal quarters of the commander, and all personal items have been removed.
The next is a weapons and supply storage. Nothing magical.
Next room is upper command quarters.
Fifth room is tactical quarters. Mysti takes the map and the figures. Then she goes back to the weapons and takes a spear.
The next floor has no doors. it is open, large slots with ballistas parked before each one.
Sixth floor is for archers, no round cylinder thing, it’s all open, hooks for repelling, slots for arrows.
We go down one floor and touch a metal part of the cylinder, open it to reveal practically an elevator, and we get in then go to “b”
Then we go to “I” and get Edge, then go to “b”
Kenshin takes the right hand rule. A forge, tools, fabrication. Oh my.
Second room is sciency with beakers, controlled burners, shelves with ingredients. Alchemical lab. Soren would be in heaven.
Third is storge for the first room’s forge.
Fourth room is a jail/brig. Thick bars. segregated with rows on either side. Very heavy duty and magically warded room.
Fifth room is very odd. In the middle of the room in a glyph circle is a statue, there are books and many sigils and glyphs everywhere.
Anybody with a magical ability feels thrumming, oozing with power. Sal’s Keyblade appears for no reason when he walks in.
Sal and Mysti read the books. Mysti reads that the keep is sentient and bestows powers upon it’s troops (better combatants, they can see very well (no penalties for anything except total darkness) Residents can receive one day of healing per round up to ten rounds and proficiencies with weapons and bestows the ability to understand all written/phonetic languages)
The tower’s name is Sariel.
Someone is shouting into the tower “Are you causing that racket?!?”
We go to the first floor and hear horrendous shrieking and howling.
Kenshin goes to the first floor and asks the tower to stop shrieking. The statue on the basement level turns to the other three and says “I am not.”
Kenshin tells them that the tower says it’s not shrieking and they tell him they heard the statue speak to them this time.
The soldiers outside are locking the gate. Kenshin goes to them to figure out what the shrieking is. It’s echoing throughout the outpost and coming from the surrounding forest. Sal goes to the fifth floor. Edge goes to hit the dummy (what did the dummy do to him?) and Mysti goes also to hit the dummies.
Sal tells Kenshin he doesn’t see anything and goes to the basement and talks to the statue about the evacuation.
Then Edge and Mysti take a nap.

They wake up, go outside the wall with Kenshin and Sal and start scouting. Mysti and edge become ‘confused’. The forest is rather thick.

There are large ape like creatures that are not surprising to Kenshin and Sal, and the other two come to their senses during the fight. INITIATIVE!
We attack. Ella shows up unexpectedly, too, as a cat, and bites/claws one of them! wheeee. We swat, spear, and otherwise maim the hominids into death.
We win! It takes a bit before Mysti acts reasonable.
They were fighting in more of a coordinated manner than 3 gorillas should.
The leopard finds people tracks! (Not apey tracks)
We decide to hunt for more apes before hunting for humans.
We find three more larger apes. ATTACK!!!
We nearly get our… AHEM… handed to us… but we do prevail, and go join the caravan again.

Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – Session 9

GM: Andrew


  • Matt Y. – Playing Kier
  • Kole – Playing Edge
  • Conor – Playing Sal
  • Rachael – Playing Mysti
  • Matt K. – Playing Soren
  • Bekah – Playing Ella
  • Mike – Playing Kenshin


Summary By Recorder Mike:

Everybody is now Back in Hillsfar thanks to Hawkeye’s teleportation. Except Horace, who died of Alcohol Poisoning.
We locate Simon in the local establishments of Hilsofar. He’s by himself in a corner.
Kenshin and Hawkeye speak up about finding Saltharian. We also discuss Kier’s father. And being disgruntled about being no closer.
Simon explains Erik will train us, and joins Soren to the Chosen Ones, giving us all
(OC – Chosen one Template +2 to Str, Con, and Cha, also gives us grant of aid once per three character levels rounded up.)
We also get a Chosen Ones Orb. (Enhances weapons, such as Kenshin’s being +2 now instead of +1; we also get a location added to mystic link and darkvision)
Kier, Soren, Edge, Hawkeye, Saltharian, Ella, and Mysti take Legionary training. (+3 to Ac, Attacks, and Reflex saves now)
We get a montage… MONTAGE!!!
We also meet Edge. 5’2, brown eyes, weighs 160, has a scythe, and dressed in a vest, dark pants, and a metal shield codpiece.
Our new mission is an alien bug-hunt at an outpost on Faerun called hell’s (rear) end.
We teleport there with letters of the local government, and mounts.
We have Kier the party leader, bringing us to the village Trail’s End, (the most reasonable place) with a bustling inn and tavern.
The climate is temperately colder. Northern hemisphere (Canadian like.)
We talk to someone going out of town on a caravan with supplies, and offer to protect it for food/drink along the way but leave the next day.
No rice or fish.
Next morning, rough looking wagon drivers are leading the wagons, with weapons.
They’re carrying furs, food, arrows, provisions in general (restocking)
Night one, we set up camp in a clearing which is very established (it’s been done before.)
In the middle of the night Kier and Edge hear rustling when a person goes to the restroom.
When investigated, it looks like something dragged something else away, and there’s blood.
Kier mentally tries to wake us up… Kenshin books it (even though he doesn’t read much)
Soren, Edge, and Kenshin track the animal, finding a warg
Hawkeye runs to it, but doesn’t get there in time, because it’s finished eating.
Kenshin runs to attack it, but finds 4 more, and banks a different direction. The wargs growl, alerting Soren and Edge to their numbers.
Hawkeye teleports to Kenshin and tells him to stop.
The wargs don’t notice Soren and Edge when Soren goes back to the camp and Edge goes into the glade, but Edge turns around and leaves.
We hear howling wolves. Hawkeye grabs Kenshin and teleports to the camp.
Kenshin mental contacts everybody and tells them there are 5 wargs very viscious.
One of the wagon drivers was the casualty.
Morning occurs, and we ride again.
a tree falls before and after.
arrows fly.
There’s a floating orc which fireballs us.
Kenshin flying leaps and knocks one prone, the Saltharian, Soren, Ella, Mysti, and Kier attack their respective close targets,
Hawkeye teleports one tree to the flying orc mage and hits him, the orc retaliates with another fireball.
Our mages/psychics/psions hit the orc with some ranged spells while the fighters (kenshin, kier, edge) fight the archers and Mysti heals Saltharian.
The flying orc mage disappears, and the rest of the others are much easier to kill/knock out.
All in all we lost two wagons, one horse, six guards, and got fairly hurt.

Chosen Ones, 2nd Gen – Session 8

Session 8

GM: Andrew


  • Kier played by Matt Y.
  • Soren played by Matt K.
  • Horace played by Kole (Guest)
  • Ellasandra played by Bekah
  • Mysti played by Rachael
  • Hawkeye played by Calvin
  • Kenshin played by Mike
  • Sal played by Conor



Group resumes their voyage on the water; Hawkeye feels a pull on the strings of the bond – guiding the ship to an isle, the party discovers Sal along with Horace and Soren. Having rescued the stranded men, they resume their journey. PIRATES – the ship flying a jollyrodger! Though after having a fireball sweep their decks, the groups resumes without any further encounters. Back in Waterdeep, Keir finds Daroon back to his tricks – follows him to a warehouse with hidden guards. Horace gets drunk. Sal is con’d into volunteering to follow a lead to join the red hands organization. He is pulled out before losing his middle finger.

They infiltrate the warehouse, avoid the traps, find prisoners, and discover a torture in progress. Vanquishing the remaining foes – with Daroon escaping yet again, they discover Seth is the torture victim freeing him.


Ended at 10:30pm

Meal: KFC, Cake and Cup Cakes, Chips & Salsa