Call of Cthulhu – Session 3

GM: Matt Yeoman


  • Calvin
  • Matt?
  • Kat?
  • Conor
  • Kole
  • Mike
  • ?

Andrew was absent due to work. I have no information of what happened…



Call of Cthulhu – Part II

GM: Matt Y.


  • Andrew
  • Faye
  • Mike
  • Rachael
  • Conor
  • Kole

Summary – Our group went back to the Hollywood set out in the middle of nowhere. We were going to destroy the Strange Beings.  We went to the Village in the hills, found the adobe huts and the ‘Soul’ in the temple. We torched the item that sent the beings on into the afterlife. (This was the conclusion of our first game)



Our Heroes went to investigate strange disappearances and odd fires in the hills. We met a strange man who worked with alien beings. After much talking, we subdued him and then fought these strange bee-like beings. After disrupting their ritual and defeating the remainder we called it a night.

Call of Cthulhu

GM: Matt Yeoman


Mike Alice Bennett – Actress Playwright
Calvin Lyle Witlow – Anthropologist
Camrin Andrew Withrow – Stunt Man
Faye Janice Plum – PI (Studio)
Rachael Jacob Turlow – PI (Regular)
Rebekah Xavier Nash – Occultist
Andrew Samuel Decatur – Doctor to the Stars

Plot: 1920’s we are hired to investigate the mysterious death of two people, and the insanity of another all linked to one film made where there used to be a tribe of natives.

RAW Notes:

James Raven – Insane

  • Monica Anikova – Died suspect suicide
  • Erik Von Varnstein – Died
  • Pier Batiste – Head Camera
  • Spanish – Journal (Father Joespha Spanish Missionary) 1700’s
  • June 7,  four people killed, hunt for the lion ended with two dogs disappeared and another man died in a rock slide.
  •  Hotethk (Hoe-Tek) Tribe
  •  Corngod, black beast and spirit.
  •  Must burn souls to stop them;  chant spell.


We went about investigating the incident. We discovered the Film Roll for the film that wasn’t supposed to exist and managed to get it restored (Someone had tried destroying it by fire)

We spoke with James Raven and decided he was utterly insane. After collecting information from the library, we set out to the shoot site. It was there things took a turn for the worse. Someone glanced and saw an alien beast. We discovered mayhem and turmoil. Finally we found special lenses, and saw that the film had captured alien creatures. We decided to leave and found our two drivers decapitated with heads on spears. The engines of both vehicles destroyed. After some work, we were able to repair one vehicle and left. And not a moment too soon as the alien creatures gave chase. Three of us could see the otherwise normally invisible beings with the special lenses. We escaped…

Game ended.

Guest Game – Call of Cthulhu

GM: Matt Y.


  • Andrew
  • Bekah
  • Sean L.*
  • Calvin
  • Matt K.
  • Adam*
  • Mike
  • George

SUMMARY: Our paranormal investigators are called to the University for various reason to investigate a Haunted House. Like any good investigation we follow various leads which fill in clues – a Cult Church is found to have been rundown, which was the owner of the house. We eventually investigate the house, where the paranormal happens – Blood Dripping from the roof, Bed launches a couple of us out a window, a Sacrificial Knife flies through the air attacking us. A boarded up section of the basement reveals an altar and wrapped body. It is a mummy and attacks us – several members go temporarily insane and one is killed by gun shot to the head. The mummy is defeated by the knife and a well placed shot to it’s head.