Tribal Nation ~ Friday (C)

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GM: Calvin


  • Andrew
  • Sean
  • George (May be absent)
  • Daniel
  • Trista
  • Robert

World Laws in Play –

  • Bonus Feats every even level
  • Adventurer Template
    • Each Level Requires the minimum purchases:
    • Min HD: 4
    • Min Saves: +1 (3 CP)
    • Min Warcraft: 3 CP each level (Round up to 6 every 2 levels)
    • Min Skills: 2 for 2 CP [This can be handled with Fast Learner Specialized for Skills]
Base Character Points to spend: 72
Duties (If Taken): 2 * Level = 4
Feats: 6 [L1, L2] = 12
Human (If applicable): 6
Disadvantagesx3 (If Taken): 10
Total available: 104
So lvl 2

A little bit of the back story of the world

There are four main tribes Silver Tribe, bronze tribe which are the people trying to take out the other tribe because the Silver tribe thinks they are superior race and the bronze tribe is there military support because of there vase numbers. The main tribe that stand in there way Is the Iron tribe. The last major tribe is the heroic tribe, but they were wiped out by a all out attack my the Silver tribe and bronze tribe this was done because they fared the power of the Heroic tribe, there are some Heroic tribe people out there but thy are far few in between. There are other smaller tribes around but most of them are neutral.

They are at a state of war but they only attack made by either side was the attack made on the Heroic tribe. This stand off has been going on for about 10 years.

The races are open so fell free to pick whatever race you want,  Back story’s I would like some and at least paragraph and it can be as long as you want it to be. and with tribes you can be part of the any tribe you can make your own tribe if you want to, Game is going to be you are with the Iron tribe so if you want to be a Silver tribe your back story has to work same goes with the bronze tribe.

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