The Dragon Riders of the Empire

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Character Creation Rules –

For those interested in creating a viable character, your character creation depends on whether you opt for the Dragon or the Rider. Each player will be paired with another to play the Dragon and the Rider.

  • Dragons
    • Minimal Age Category of the dragon to achieve a ‘Large’ size.
    • Stats will be Elite Array. (15, 14, 12, 11, 10, 8)
    • Alignment not a consideration for “color” or “type”.
    • Feats for Dragon shall be allowed to be turned in for 6 CP each to purchase other feats or powers.
    • Highly recommend the following dragons “Gold, Silver, Red, Black”
  • Dragon Riders
    • Any Basic Race is allowed; others allowed on a case-by-case basis.
    • Stats will be 32 standard fantasy point buy. (Typical D&D version)
    • Will use the ‘Eclipse: The Codex Persona‘ for Class Powers

Dragon and Rider share a pact – if you’ve ever read the books from “The Dragon Riders of Pern” or “Inheritance Cycle” series then you’ll recognize that Both Rider and Dragon will be sharing a bond in a similar manner.

Dragon Riders will have a Base of 24 Character points per level, including level Zero (0). I’m shooting for Level Ten (10) as the base level, which grants a total of 264 Base Character Points.


  • BASE: 264
  • Duties to the Dragon Rider Council of Elders: 20
  • Disadvantages: 10 (x3 Disadvantages Taken)
  • Feats: L1x2, L2, L4, L6, L8 & L10 = 7 Feats at 6 CP each (42)
  • GRAND TOTAL for a Level 10 Dragon Rider = 336

REQUIRED Expenditures:

  • Saving Throws +2 Per Level (6 CP per level)
  • BAB +1 Per Level (6 CP per level)
  • Skill Points +2 Per Level (2 CP per level)
  • Hit Die Min d8 (4 Cp per level)
  • PROFICIENCIES: All Simple Weapons (3 CP) and Light Armor (3 CP) = 6 CP
  • SPENT On Required Expenditures: 186
  • Left for Customization: 150

Recommended or Optional Purchases:

  • Innate Enchantment (6+ to max of 12 CP) – See list of available options here
  • Fast Learner (Specialized for skills, HD, or Magic Levels) (+6 CP) Grants 2 CP per level to the selected item.
  • All Martial Weapon Proficiecies (+6 CP)
  • Medium Armor Proficiency (+6 CP)
  • Level 10 Wizard Magic Level including Caster Level (14 CP per level to max of L10 for 140 CP)
  • Level 10 Cleric Magic Level including Caster Level (10 CP per level to max of L10 for 100 CP or 80 if dropping domains)
  • Up to +2 to chosen ‘Caster Level’ for +3 CP for each +1 [This just affects Spell Power, does not increase Spell Points or increase base progression of the class]
  • Weapon Focus (as feat – +2 CP)
  • Greater Weapon Focus (as feat – +2 CP)
  • Weapon Specialization (as feat – +6 CP)
  • Greater Weapon Specialization (as feat – +6 CP)
  • Increased HD to a max of d12 (2 CP per step, per level selected – d10 = 6 CP, d12 = 8 CP)
  • RUNE MAGIC – Skill Based Magic system (Consult GM and Eclipse Sourcebook)
  • Mana – Purchase if opting to use a casting system other than traditional classes
  • More Available – if anything interests you please contact me.


Please see the condensed list over here

Character Wealth: Appropriate for Level


Tested Characters –

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