The Supreme’s

The Supreme’s Campaign

  • GM: George
  • Setting: 3.5 / Eclipse: The Codex Persona
  • Genre: Renaissance Era Fantasy set in Italy
  • Power Level: 2nd level

World Laws in Play –

  • Bonus Feats every even level
  • Adventurer Template
    • Each Level Requires the minimum purchases:
    • Min HD: 4
    • Min Saves: +1 (3 CP)
    • Min Warcraft: 3 CP each level (Round up to 6 every 2 levels)
    • Min Skills: 2 for 2 CP

Base Character Points to spend: 72
Duties (If Taken): 2 * Level = 4
Feats: 6 [L1, L2] = 12
Human (If applicable): 6
Disadvantagesx3 (If Taken): 10

Total available: 104


  • Halafor – a Mageblade style build complete with the alternate spell list. [Leader of the unruly Supremes]
  • Garion – A warrior merc, bent on being paid for all services.
  • Franco Marco – a Brother of the Church of the Supreme Being. Passed up for promotion, he’s managed to anger Gaia and has brought upon himself a curse.
  • Dr. Coren – rumors that he loves the dead, so far hasn’t done anything note worthy. [Lieutenant of the party]
  • “Lazy Eye” Pete – a doctor Jeckal, Mr. Hyde type, he’s a womanizer alcoholic / or a sophisticated dandy still a womanizer.

NPCs of Note:

  • Cardinal Napalitino – Kindly Man assigned first mission to Halafor.
  • Cardinal Campagio  – A conniving old man, affiliation unknown but suspect Red or Blue
  • Golden Pope – Current Pope for this two week rotation – LG
  • Talen Karde – Captain of the Windblade (Sloop), now employed as Commodore for Halafor aboard the Frigate Enterprise.

Session Logs: [Links coming soon]

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