Fairy Tales Gone Wrong

Fairy Tales Gone Wrong


  • Professor Darian Stark the III – Teacher of the Occult at the University and Preserver of Order against the Chaos.
  • Doctor Blake – Healer who always talks in the Third person
  • Kiiro – Anthro-Fox infiltrator
  • Olavia Marcanti – Psychic Assistant to Prof. Stark
  • Popeye – A sailor Bard/Rogue type, who can’t be left out of any crowd entertaining prospects
  • Tarric – Former Pit Fighter, turned drunken master. [NPC Now]
  • Gus – Techno-Wizard [NPC Now]
  • “Grede” – a cougar Diva Wizard?


Session Logs:


‘Team Ballista Tales’ a substory of ‘Fairy Tales Gone Wrong’


  • Fauxkarde – Cha Based Conman and Face [Leader]
  • Defferiot – Dex based Espionage Specialist
  • Brid – Wis Based Archery and Perception [Female]
  • Wolfram – Str Based Fighter
  • Archren –  Con Based Martial Arts Drunken-Master with Fire Spit
  • Rabbiticus – Int Based, pompous Mayor’s daughter.

Session Logs:

Session 1

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