The Chosen Ones

The god Woden, after whom 'Wednesday' was name...

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Campaign – The Chosen Ones

  • GM: Andrew
  • Setting: *Classless // Eclipse: The Codex Persona using Pathfinder Hybrid 3.5e rules
  • Power Level: 9th / 3rd
  • World Laws and Conventions:
    • Two Bonus Feats at Level 1 (12 CP)
    • Bonus Feat Granted every Odd Level
    • Compressed Skill List
    • Each Character is Bonded to the Group*2
      • *2 This is granting multiple powers that boost the characters into a +1 ECL range
    • Powerful Starting Equipment that grows in power with the Characters


  • Original Chosen Ones:
    • Laelia – Elven Noble Nature Mage
      • Ginger – Dragoncat  Familiar
    • Malcolm – Human Celestial Summoner
      • Demetrius – Spirit Elemental Familiar
    • Barrett Lightning – Unarmed Wandering Monk
      • Dyne – Ferret Familiar
    • Theodore ‘Tod’ Frost Jones – Bubble Mageslayer
      • Luna – Guardian Cat Familiar
    • Andreas – Original Chosen One Knight, pulled out of Time
      • “Draxfur” The Noble Steed (Mystic Companion)
  • Guest Characters:
    • Aiden [Cleric of Sune]
    • Lashiel [Professional Treasure Hunter]
  • New Chosen Ones
    • Ellasandra
    • “Mother”
    • Hawkeye
    • Kier
    • Kenshin
    • Geardrof

NPCs of Import:

  • The Eagle “Timelord” based on the ‘Doctor’
  • Simon ‘Eagle Eyes’ aka Frendulus
  • Merrick [Cross-over from Innocent or Guilty Campagin] – Mage Protector of Hillsfar and guide of the younglings
  • Brother Thadeus – High Priest of Tyr in Hilsfar

Old Chosen One Characters:

  • The Green Knight [NPC’d]
    • Raryn – Dire Wolf Mystic Companion
  • Iridius  (and Helga) – Nordic Priest of Odin, called away to prepare for the end war
  • Arkansas “Arky” Jones – Psychic Keyblade Wielder [Unknown Whereabouts]
  • Caleb (and Aiden) – Laelia’s lover and father of their Son Khotalas, Master Bard and Performer [Stuck in Limbo]
  • Pip (and Ravenwolf) – a Barbaric Ranger


SESSION NOTES – New Chosen Ones:

Session 001, 002, 003, 004

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