Innocent or Guilty

Homemade curry chicken pot pies.

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Placeholder except the session Log.

  • GM: Andrew
  • Power Level: 5
  • Eclipse Classless point buy system
  • World Laws
    • Bonus Feat every even level
    • Two Bonus Feats at 1st level
    • Uses the Adventure Template
    • All starting characters ‘appear’ human, may buy race later.


  • Gabrielle – Outspoken Street Rat, rumors of her age are exaggerated of course
  • Harold – “Pot Pie”, Brother to Gaby, a decent rogue
  • Liam Archon – “Goth”, a martial artist with issues on life. [Married and NPC’d for now]
  • Felix Evander – “Emotional Issues”, a psychic shapechanger with mounting issues.
  • Yon Yonsin – “Stick in the Mud”, a virtuous young knight
  • Burgmor – “Impatience”, a young pyro maniac wizard who’s attention span is no better than a house fly
  • Zhaital Bonecrusher [NPC Now] “Magic Bad!”, a young barbarian thrust into civilization.
  • Oliver “Puppy!”, a young anthromorph canine, mute and emotional
  • Saelion, “Tribal Young Man” – Appears in Session 15.
  • New1
  • New2

Session Logs:


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