Children’s Crusade

A lion being used to represent Aslan

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The Children’s Crusade Campaign

  • GM: Andrew
  • System: Eclipse: The Codex Persona / d20
  • Power Level: 1st level eclipse
  • World Laws in play and general conventions assumed in this campaign.
    • All Characters have an Extra Bonus Feat (6 CP)
    • All characters were prebuilt by GM for the use by young players (7 to 11 years old). As such there are no major lists to have a working knowledge of [Spell Lists] all abilities are x/day format
    • The Characters are all 14 years old and Fosters of the Royal family giving them an exist reason to be together and already working together as a team and friends.


  • Julia Winters – Combat Mage
  • Georgina De’Flower – Combat Healer
  • Roland Huntley – Espionage expert [Link to Paul’s write up here soon]
  • Talios Asrain – Hardy warrior, rumors of deity infused blood
  • Horace Hampshire of the Burning Blade- Aspiring Knight
  • Nickolai Verburger – Extraordinary Bowman
    • Each character has an extensive write up over on Paul Melroy’s Blog. Links coming soon…

LINKS: These are the original write ups:

Session Logs:

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