GM – Andrew’s Games

Andrew is the host and head Game Master of his groups in Merced.

Campaigns he is or has run:

The Chosen Ones – The very first game started in Merced for Saturday. This was a unique ice-breaker game bringing five strangers together, with no memories of who they are, and puzzling together interesting facts. The system was a unique classless system called d(liberation)20, which was used for the first two sessions. The third session the GM stumbled upon an even better, more flexible and simpler system put out by Paul Melroy – Distant Horizons Games “Eclipse: The Codex Persona”. Since then, every game uses this nice classless system when run with compatible d20 products.

Innocent or Guilty – The second campaign started to expand our groups as the first group couldn’t accomodate the additional players. This set the group in the role of teenagers, with a recurring theme of finding themselves in trouble with the law. Though sometimes the players weren’t sure if they were guilty or innocent. This campaign has delved into interstellar travel.

Rugged Ones – Another campaign started to allow even more players to join. This was set as a four session intro before the game would stop and someone else would start a game. This was my first attempt at a SANDBOX style campaign. The group was in the Dragonstar campaign setting all belonging to the RES “Royal Exploration Society”. Featuring a Sith Lord wanna be, and an interesting crew, it was a fun, though short game. This game never got it’s own page. A shame, but that’s life. They did cameo in a trifecta game where all three groups came together to fight an epic menace.

The Chosen Ones – 2nd Generation. Started to give a second breath of life into the chosen one group. The main cast was down to two originals; with several characters coming and going. With the cohesive bond and shared experiences lacking from the first group, this was meant to bring a little of that group cohesion into the mix with a shared leveling experience that can’t be dupilicated.

Online Play By Post Game – Chosen Ones Redux. Taking my old campaign and giving it a new spin and revamped changes in a Play by Post format.

Convention Campaigns:

DunDraCon February 18th, 2012 – The Dragon Riders of the Empire. A short 8 hour episodic game featuring Dragons and Riders being played by players. The patrol is sent to a town…

Previous Games Run:

“Reclaim the homeland or else all is lost” – A short 8 hour episodic game I ran with a unique race called the Feydera. They needed to reclaim their homeland from an evil force, or else suffer extinction.

Dragonstar Heroes – this was a two part game in one 8 hour episodic game. The players began as Level 1 commoners, who discover the truth of their village and origins. After dealing with a prisoner, and getting onto a space vessel, part 2 has them joining a special elite dragonstar force assigned to recovery and rescue operations on Fantasy Level Worlds. They were level 5, and using a special mix of character classes – one of the few non-eclipse games I’ve run at a convention.

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