Homebrew Rules

Flag of City of Merced

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Skills For Merced Campaigns:

Skill Name Replaces
Acrobatics Balance + Escape Artist (DEX) + Tumble
Athletics Climb + Jump + Swim + Escape Artist (STR)
Deception Bluff + Disguise
Perception Search + Spot + Listen
Persuasion Diplomacy + Intimidation
Stealth Hide + Move Silently
Linguistics Decipher Script + Forgery
Thievery Disable Device + Open Locks + Pick Pocket / Sleight of Hand
Insight Sense Motive
Arcana Spellcraft + Knowledge: Arcana
Survival *New Knowledge: Dungeoneering + Knowledge: Nature

Some thoughts being considered under the four active GMs.

Considered SKILL Replaces
Nick Approves of All; Matt Approves, but isn’t sure about the Synergy

Campaign Specific Skills:

Fairy Tales Gone Wrong

  • Computer Use
  • Drive / Ride (Interchangeable)
  • Investigate
  • Diagnose

Homebrew Rules:

GM: Andrew Specific Rules

  • All Die Rolls are  80% (Should be Above Half and Averaged) for HP and Spell Point Dice
  • Iteration Attacks are Capped At 2; Bonus Attacks are permissible if the proper ability is taken
    • BAB of 6 will result is a -2 to all attacks resulting in attack of +4/+4 (instead of +6/+1)
    • BAB of 11 will result in a +1 to all attacks resulting in attack of +10/+10 (instead of +11/+6/+1)
    • BAB of 16 will completely negate the penalties resulting in an attack of +16/+16 (instead of +16/+11/+6/+1)
    • In the Case of Altering the progression, once the upper tier is reached, it will reset just as if a Bonus Attack had been taken resulting in another -2 to all attacks, and adding an additional attack.
  • Unconsciousness, Dying and Death – 0 to – CON Bonus is incapacitated, Dying is -CON Bonus +1, Death is Constitution Score
  • Action Points – The GM likes changing these rules. But they exist! I’m using the Crafty Games version, each session renews.
  • Memorization is not used; instead we use a house rule for spell points.

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