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Welcome – We’re an active gaming group in Merced, California. With campaigns ranging from 0th to 9th level. Our group mainly uses the d20 system for our tabletop gaming  role-playing games [RPG’s].

The discovery of ‘Eclipse: The Codex Persona’ has transformed our gaming experience and taken it to the next level. The ability to make any character that fits your idea has allowed our players to take their character to beyond simple fighters and wizard, instead, with a combination of disadvantages, they weave intricate player backgrounds and concepts. That’s correct, instead of using typical D&D classes, we use a Point-Buy Classless System. Paul Melroy, the creator of Eclipse, has been an awesome resource and always willing to explain anything in his books. I’ve found him to be knowledgeable in his material, like a Rocket Scientist understands Rocket Fuel down to the molecules. In other words, he’s the best customer support person you’ll find.

We have Three Groups active as of September 4th, 2012 –

  • Friday – Children’s Game [This is suitable for gamers age 7 and up] [Due to Summer Events the Children’s group is on Hiatus]
  • Friday – Adult Game [6 hours of late evening gaming goodness, 2nd weekend]
  • Saturday – Adult Game [6 hours, and our longest running group to date, 2nd and 4th weekend]
  • Sunday – Adult Game [6 hours, our monthly group enjoys some unique campaigns in this slot] [Moved this group to Friday]

Books we use:

Feel free to look around and comment. Most of the entries on this site are gaming logs, however, I’ll put up non-log articles on occasion. For awesome articles on gaming, please do check out Paul Melroy’s site

2 Responses

  1. how does one get in contact to join into the fun?

    • Getting in contact with me is as easy as making a comment. 😉 I’ve sent you an email directly clarifying your question though.

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