Game Session 3 & 4

Megan, Jeff, Mitch, Wendy, Rachael, Robert

Our adventure picks up with the Howling of the worgs in the distance. Though unarmed, the Worgs charging towards camp would cause anyone to quake in terror for their lives. Seeing no other option, the group quickly defended itself, driving off the brutes and the riders.

The rest of the trip to the keep was uneventful, except for the howling in the evening. The fortress was a ruin, though evidence suggested that something was occupying the ruins. Stairs led down into the lower levels, which were surprisingly intact. Scouting the way, the entrance was found to be guarded by vigilant goblins that failed to notice the party approach, or the halfling rogue.

Rue put on an imposing air and convinced the goblins to lead them to the master. They escorted the group to another stair going down into darkness. Feeling uneasy about the enemies nearby, the group decided to investigate the rest of the area after the guide had left them.

They stumbled upon the shuffling gait of the undead zombies seeking fresh meat. The party handily slaughtered the foes… End Session 3.

Session 4::

Megan, Jeff, Robert, Rachael.

Picking up where they left off, the group investigated further to the south. They discovered a crypt of sorts with stone sarcophagi lining the walls. The group counted ten, and quickly discovered the peace of death was not here. Clicking and scratching noises were heard. They got into position to disable the creature when the entire crypt came to life at once with the lids burst open and skeletons leaping out. In a heated battle, the party fought a fighting withdrawal. Heavily injured, the party attempted to toss the dwarf into their midst, but found the close quarters did not help. The dwarf charged into the midst and successfully knocked down the entire group. This turned the tide of battle and the party dispatched the remaining undead.

Proceeding onward, altars were found. Searching, seven small dragon statues were discovered in a hidden compartment. Beyond double doors, the party found the remains of the old commander of the keep. He tasked them with dealing with the taint of the creatures occupying his keep and to make sure Orcus could not come into the world through a sealed breach below. He bequeathed his sword to Jora to redeem it.

After a much needed rest, the group continued back towards the entrance. They found a torture chamber with a goblin being tortured. Rue convinced the torturer that she worked for the master and would inflict untold agony upon the creature. Happy to see the helpless prisoner in for untold horrors, the prison guards happily gave the prisoner into Rue’s custody.

The group found the chieftain, a rather large goblin, who had his underlings escort the group to the excavation site. We ended with the group investigating the dangerous and alluring natural caverns….