[5e] New Beginnings… (Session 2)

GM: Andrew M.


  • Megan Thun, playing RUE, a Female Tiefling Warlock (Abyssal)
  • Jeff Thun, playing JARO, a Male Air Genasi Witchhunter
  • Mitch Holand, playing Zeed, a Male Aarakocra
  • Wendy Holland, playing PSEUDO, a Female Halfling Rogue
  • Rachael Maitland, playing a Female Pseudodragon (pet)

Summary by Andrew Maitland:

Recap of last game. Introduced new mechanic “Inspiration Points”. Emphasize the morality system, and how the encounter with the goblins was perceived to murdering innocents (unarmed, non-threatening)

This adventure, the group decided not to follow the goblin tracks. Next day PSEUDO came across a roaring noise and a loud thud. She reported back and the group investigated. Finding a bird creature, they brought it back to the camp and revived it. The creature identified itself as Zeed, an Aarakocra. The next day the group happened upon a broken down wagon, they helped the person fix it, and then Rue befriended a pseudodragon watching them.

The group arrived in town, chedked out the job postings. Rue wants to continue with the caravan, but Jaro wants to do a research and retrieval expedition (3 days there, 3 days back, unknown duration at some ruins). He convinced the group to do the expedition and met with Professor Xerces, who would pay them well for escorting him there and back. He mentioned several failed attempts in the past, and is getting a buyer who is impatient with the failures.

The group set out, first night Pseudo hears wolves howling…

-End session-

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