5e – Rise of Thunder (Session 2)

GM: Andrew


  • Ashley
  • Jeff Thun
  • Chris Thun
  • Megan Thun
  • Rachael
  • Rebekah

Summary: Entering the temple, they discover the place is weathered, and empty. A banquet of food is set out, and well-preserved. Further exploration of the temple, they catch a creature leaving as they climb stairs. Finding a room of red glowing eyed, gaunt looking clerics. ZOMBIE! After dispatching the hard-to-kill zombies, the group gathers up their treasures…


All Flesh Must Be Eaten – Part 2

GM: Matt


  • Andrew
  • Rebekah
  • Rachael
  • Calvin

Summary: The group returned to town and began to secure it from an outside attack. Once settled in, we hunkered down. Then screaming was heard. No zombies in the street, but we heard more screaming. Bank and General Store. We fought the zombies coming from inside the general store, and then the ones in the bank. TUNNELS! The fiends had dug extensive tunnels under the city. Following it back, we fought with some of the criminals. Finally, we confronted the Aztec high priest, the general store manager, who masterminded the entire plot.

Victory is ours!