5e – Rise of Thunder (Session 1)

GM: Andrew

(Using the 5e Adventure Module – The Dreaming Heralds as a basis intro)


  • Jeff
  • Megan
  • Rebekah
  • Rachael
  • Ashley
  • Chris

Summary: Running a first game with 5e new pdf released rules, made the characters, and then jumped into the action.

Party discovers a boy who fell deathly ill, and is catatonic in bed. The family is desperate for help and offer their meager savings to have the boy saved. They are able to get the story pieced together that the boy often enters the woods. Surmising the source of this poison, which resists their attempts to cure it, is out there, they follow his trail back to an ancient temple. After so cursory investigation, the game ends before the all enter the building…

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