Chosen Ones 2nd Generation (Finale!)

GM: Andrew

CAMPAIGN: Chosen Ones (2nd Generation)


  • Rachael
  • Calvin
  • Matt
  • Conor
  • Kole


  • BBEG & Dragon
  • Hill Giants
  • Orcs
  • Dwarves & Thorin


The group had the regiment of dwarves set a deadfall trap in the pass. Then left to aid Thorin and his men deal with the Hill Giants. They destroyed ten of the brutes before the Dragon and rider made an appearance. Summoning a Vile Demonic Being, HAWKEYE used a DISMISSAL, at the same time feeling desperate, SAL slammed his BACKPACK into EDGE’S Backpack ripping a rift in the immediate area. The two effects caused an immense explosion.

When the party woke up, they discovered a world with three moons, and a sun. A nice beach in a tropical region next to imposing cliffs. A large brown dragon roared overhead, and then disappeared into the cliffs. The group discovered they were on a completely different world. Meeting with the leader, they discovered Dragons work with humans in this world. The Chosen Ones had been here 1,000 years ago to fight the Tabarath Cult.

Edge was enthralled with the dragons and convinced everyone to wait a week to participate in the impression ceremony. The entire group managed to bond with a new dragonet.


DOWNTIME as the group decides on their next move…

LEVEL 5 achieved.

(REMINDER Next game is a Guest Game by Matt, he’s thinking of running a B-Movie Style Western set in “All Flesh Must Be Eaten”)


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