Sunday – Cancelled

Since we’re small in numbers for Sunday (And school work is still looming), I’m calling the game for Sunday (Tomorrow).

See everyone next month.

Chosen Ones 2nd Generation (Finale!)

GM: Andrew

CAMPAIGN: Chosen Ones (2nd Generation)


  • Rachael
  • Calvin
  • Matt
  • Conor
  • Kole


  • BBEG & Dragon
  • Hill Giants
  • Orcs
  • Dwarves & Thorin


The group had the regiment of dwarves set a deadfall trap in the pass. Then left to aid Thorin and his men deal with the Hill Giants. They destroyed ten of the brutes before the Dragon and rider made an appearance. Summoning a Vile Demonic Being, HAWKEYE used a DISMISSAL, at the same time feeling desperate, SAL slammed his BACKPACK into EDGE’S Backpack ripping a rift in the immediate area. The two effects caused an immense explosion.

When the party woke up, they discovered a world with three moons, and a sun. A nice beach in a tropical region next to imposing cliffs. A large brown dragon roared overhead, and then disappeared into the cliffs. The group discovered they were on a completely different world. Meeting with the leader, they discovered Dragons work with humans in this world. The Chosen Ones had been here 1,000 years ago to fight the Tabarath Cult.

Edge was enthralled with the dragons and convinced everyone to wait a week to participate in the impression ceremony. The entire group managed to bond with a new dragonet.


DOWNTIME as the group decides on their next move…

LEVEL 5 achieved.

(REMINDER Next game is a Guest Game by Matt, he’s thinking of running a B-Movie Style Western set in “All Flesh Must Be Eaten”)


Morrowdale – The Adventures Continue (Session 2)

GM: Andrew

CAMPAIGN: Morrowdale Adventures


  • Calvin (Joining with Nevar)
  • Rebekah (Melinda)
  • Rachael (Xena)


  • Daigh (Absent Player)
  • Norton
  • Nevar’s Master (The Sage)
  • Mayor Barton


Nevar was the Sage’s apprentice, he was a big flirt but very creative. He saw the others leave and decided that he should follow. It was chance meeting on the road he discovered his friends had undergone some serious changes. Much was exchanged, but then a Dart pierced Melinda and dropped her (Unconscious). Nevar quickly retaliated with magic and found a potion upon the assailant with a ‘DELAY POISON’. A wagon with experienced merchants arrived not long after, and parted with a potion of ‘Cure Light Wounds’. The group learned of a terrible storm in the North.

Arriving at the village, they discover the people are hiding behind their walls. A terrible blight has struck the land and undead creatures prowl the night. They found Norton who was agreeable to aid them, but only if they would help him obtain a rare regent to affect the Wheat Blight. (Which is a root cause of the undead)…

Traveling North, the group encounters ZOMBIES on the prowl and with Daigh’s mighty blows, fell SEVEN of the dread creatures. However, in the early morning, the group awakens to discover NORTON is keeping 20 zombies at bay with a field that he’s focusing on. The group dismays that these Blight Zombies seem more resistant to their attacks. But after creativity with the dry grass is grown, they burn and destroy the remaining zombies.

NORTON then gathers the regent and requests the group keep him safe while he enacts the 5 hour ritual. After completion, the field of purple wheat is cleansed.

The group then heads to Morrowdale where NORTON does the same ritual. With the aid of Nevar’s Master, the group discovers that a Necromancer is the likely cause, using a dark crystal. The previous master of the crystal lived in a Mountain Fortress to the North. But surely this mission would be too dangerous for our young group…