Adventure in Child’s Play (Redux)

Date: 2004-04-25 (1700 – 2000)

GM: Rachael


  • Andrew & Z-Man! (Bets and Joric)
  • Rebekah
  • Caleb


Prelude: This is an adventure module I got for Rachael, it’s meant to be a Kid’s version of D&D, though the mechanics are for 4th edition. The character sheets are simplified (3×3 cards). It gives young aspiring gamers an easy intro into D&D basics.

Adventure Summary: Training Day! Our mentor invites us to the Secret place where kids become full members of the community. Nobody knows what happens there (From the kid’s perspective) as those who return are sworn to secrecy. It appears to be an initiation ritual of sorts. We’re handed items befitting our innate talents. A large sword for the warrior, a wand for the wizard, etc. Then our mentor leads us to a large barn, inside are nasty beasts. He lets the first beast out which proceeds to attack us, after it goes down, we fight the next beast… Landshark, Feral Fairy swarm, Beholder, Dragon. Luckily the mentor heals our wounds after each encounter. But then he ups the challenge, reviving the beasts and sending them at us at once. We manage to hold our own by superior tactics. Till our final challenge, who wasn’t in a cage, a crafty necromancer! We overcome the villain, and save the day!

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