Sunday – Cancelled


I had a Dragonriders of Pern concept I wanted to test out, but due to issues, this game was cancelled.


See everyone next month.

Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – 4/26/2014

GM: Andrew


  • Rebekah (Sorta)
  • Rachael (Sorta)
  • Spencer playing Borin a dwarven Paladin of Death
  • Angela playing Gwen, a drow archer
  • Kole playing Edge
  • Conor playing Sal
  • Calvin playing Hawkeye
  • Mike playing Kenshin
  • Matt playing Kier


So we clear out the remnants of the castle-complex and we do not find any demon prince, nor any threat re-merging.
We go back to the city near the remains and Hawkeye tries to set up a trade route using the crates. We look for Simon, and he’s at a round table with ladies. Kier leads and Simon introduces a dwarfish fellow to the team. Bald, 4ft, a beard split down the middle, black on one side, white on the other. he has a battleaxe in one hand, and his helm in the other. He’s wearing platemail. reddish tint. He introducess himself, and we ourselves to him. His name is Borin, son of Thorin, and he insults Edge’s function in the group. Next up, a woman named Gwen is introduced. She’s a drow. Grey skin, and white eyes. She is getting away from her own people because they were trying to sacrifice her. She’s a smart alec, and inexperienced. Dark purple tunic, grey leggings, dragon scale breastplate but not over her whole body and a good bow on her back. Semi-long white hair. Simon grabs our attention, and explains the Tabarath Cult is up to their old tricks. One of their lieutenants who likes dragons and orcs has been active again near the Thar mountain range. (Forgotten Realms.) There are artifacts that shouldn’t fall into the hands of the cult, and we need to stop them. Borin thinks it might be the same people who wiped out his clan (a drow wizard Vindore leading them.) There’s also a red dragon. We teleport over there and travel a day to get to the camp. The drow greet Borin and ask his business. He says we’re here to help him defend the clan to an attack, and to let the king know to prepare to battle. The king has a flowing white beard. The king cocks an eyebrow at kenshin, and questions the presence of a Drow. We tell them the scouts should be alert especially at night. Some more dwarves (12 with one more as leader who has a greataxe) enter. They show us a map, and Borin figures out the leader dwarf is a different Thorin, champion of clangeddon (a major battle he survived where giants were involved.) Borin wants to go to what he sees is a weak point in order to ambush the party. Hawkeye has his bird scout north by west. The bird sees the army around 2 days away, but can’t get a good number. we teleport Kier and Kenshin there to scout and knock someone out to bring back and interrogate.

We come up to one sentry, and we sneak up, and whack him, then teleport him back. Hawkeye reads his mind, and he figures out the chieftan issued the order to attack from the east quadrant, and he knows there are many orc tribes working toward this. 8 tribes in all, 300-500 each tribe, with shaman, and casters, perhaps 10 casters per tribe. There is a red dragon and Vindore is a drow on the red dragon.) Borin wakes him up playing both good cop and bad cop. He challenges him to a duel. Kenshin questions the morality of this Dwarf… he’ll pick on a defenseless man, but not dive into an army. The dwarf fights and smites the orc. We relay the information Hawkeye extracted to the King. The casters (mysti and Borin) tell us the dragon breathes fire, has a frightful presence, is resistant to nonmagical weapons, and it can cast spells itself. Gwen, Saltharian, and Edge go to the weak point to assist one of the tribes invasion, while the rest of us figure out tactics. The hawk scouts and finds hill giants. They’re converging on us. (end session)


Character – Xenaphia – Adventures of Morrowdale

Level 1



STAT: Str 10, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 08

+2 Int & Dex


  • (18) Witchcraft III
  • (10) Cleric
  • (12) Wizard (Discount 2 CP for Two Magic Level Progressions)
  • (06) +1 Reflex, +1 Fortitude
  • (06) All Simple Weapons + Longbow
  • (06) Fast Learner
  • (02) HD d6
  • (03) Track – Wilderness

HP: 8

AC: 15 (Dex+5)

Attack +0 (Melee), +5 (Ranged)


  • Arcana
  • Perception
  • Religion
  • Survival


Character – Diagh – Adventures of Morrowdale

Level 1 Eclipse Point Buy

Human (FL & Bonus Feat)

STATS: Str 18, Dex 14, Con 20, Int 08, Wis 10, Cha 12

+2 Strength and Constitution from Transformation

HD d20 (16 CP)

+3 BAB (18 CP)

All Simple and Martial Weapons (9 CP)

Purchase 1 CP Relic (Greatsword found in Cave)

50 CP spent


HP: 25

AC: 18 (Dex+2, Chain Mail+1 (+6))

Fortitude: +6

Reflex: +2

Will: +0

Attack: +7


Skills: (Not assigned yet)


Character – Melinda – Adventures of Morrowdale

Today we have Melinda, Performer from the Adventures of Morrowdale.


Level 1 Eclipse Point Buy Character


Started as Human Race

Fast learner (Specialized/half cost) 1 Skill Point since Level -2

Bonus Feat

Stats: Str 10, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 08, Wis 14, Cha 16

NOTES: +2 Dex & Cha from Transformation


  • d8 HD (4)
  • Warcraft +1 (6 CP)
  • All Simple Weapons (3 CP)
  • +1 Fortitude Save (3 CP)
  • Fast Learner (Specialized for Skills) (6 CP)
  • Fast Learner (Upgrade Human Bonus) (3 CP)
  • Adept x2 (12 CP – Gm Allowed)
  • Self-Development – Int treated as 10 for Skill Points (6 CP)

HP: 9

AC: 19 (DEX+5, Robe +4)


Attack: +1 BAB, +5 Dex

Skills: 16 (4*4)

  • +9  *Acrobatics (Dex)
  • +9  *Perform (Choose One) (Dex)
  • +9  *Thievery (Dex)
  • +6  *Perception (Wis)
  • +8  *Persuasion (Cha)
  • +9  *Martial Arts (Dex)
  • +9  *Stealth (Dex)
  • +8  *Deception (Cha)

*All adept skills, treat as max rank for level. (4 Ranks)


(Do note the character is still in progress, and isn’t complete)


(Friday) The Adventures of Morrowdale – Session 1

Date: 2014-04-25 (8pm till 10:30pm)

GM: Andrew

SYSTEM: D&D 3.5 using Eclipse Classless for character creation. Players were told to assign the following stats: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 08. Beyond that, they were asked for a name, desired race, and in village profession. The GM asked for player input into certain items, these are noted with (Player Name) for who added it.



  • Mayor Barton (Of Morrowdale)
  • Norton (Agricultural Expert)


Morrowdale, the small township where the game begins, our group begins at the age of 16 (All Humans). Six years ago, a Thunder of Dragons flew by and destroyed a good portion of the town (Caleb). A year ago the Harvest was bountiful (Rachael). Six months ago the Wheat turned purple (Rebekah).

Today in Morrowdale we have:

  • Xenaphia, a Hunter. She is Blind in her shooting eye (Caleb), but is very clean (Rebekah).
  • Melinda is a Barmaid and Performer. She has issues with being far too attractive to the opposite sex (Rachael), but is a GREAT method actor (Caleb).
  • Diagh is the captain of the guard, having taken on the role early on in life. He is a very loyal and understanding person (Rachael) but he has a vanity problem (Rebekah)

The players selected from the three concepts available – Combat (taken by Diagh), Skilled (taken by Melinda) or Mystic (taken by Xenaphia). 

Adventure Summary:

Mayor Barton requested Diagh, Melinda and Xenaphia in the meeting hall. He informed them that he was overly concerned with the Purple wheat and has word that a skilled agricultural expert is in the nearby village. He requests that Melinda use her skills of persuasion to convince Norton to return to help them. Diagh is to escort Melinda and Norton safely back as rumor says bandits are in the area. He requests the Xenaphia guide them safely to the village and back.

The group is given four horses and sets off. During the first night, a cave in the nearby foothills has an eerie green glow. The group investigates and finds an old mural of a Figure wearing a Turban, and a pit where the glow comes from. Below, in a chamber, a statue of the same figure is seen on a stone table, a large tapestry along a back wall, and two chests on either side.  Melinda discerns a traps on the locks, and safely gets the chests open. However, the release mechanism lowers the tapestry revealing a large statue of the same figure, this one with a large emerald in it’s forehead. Diagh is transformed into a half-orc (Grows to 6’6″, +2 to Strength and Consitution), Melinda transforms into a halfling (Shrinks to 3’5″, +2 Dexterity and Charisma), and Xenaphia transforms into a half-elf (No size change, +2 Dexterity and Intelligence). Gathering the treasures, they quickly leave as the complex begins the shudder and shake. The group rushes out before the collapsing door seals them inside. Outside they are surrounded by a large group of goblins. One of them is wearing an explorer helm and demands (in Goblin) that the group surrender all the treasure they found in the cave. Diagh becomes aggressive, and finds himself held by magic, while Melinda captivates the goblins and convinces them to let the group leave. They discover that Norton is in the nearby village two days away.

Leaving quickly, the group regroups and camps an hour away. During the evening they play with their newly acquired items. Diagh discovers the Greatsword is well-balanced and catches on Fire. Melinda’s daggers return to her and can course correct if she concentrates on it. Xenaphia finds the Composite Longbow shoots much further then she expected.


  • Greatsword (Found at the base of the Great Statue) – Masterwork? and Flaming (1 CP Relic)
  • Mithral +1 Chain Mail (Armor AC 6 [5 Base+1 Enhancement])
  • Silken Robes (Treasure Chest) (+4 Armor Bonus to AC)
  • Religious Amulet (+2 Wisdom, Enhances Cleric power)
  • Book (Meditation and Spells)
  • Dagger (x2) (Hidden in Statue base) – Returning, once per round may allow reroll for attack
  • Shortsword (Hidden in Statue base) – +1
  • Composite Longbow (Hidden in Statue base)
  • * All items have the same figure as the statue stamped upon them.

All characters were created as the game took place.


Adventure in Child’s Play (Redux)

Date: 2004-04-25 (1700 – 2000)

GM: Rachael


  • Andrew & Z-Man! (Bets and Joric)
  • Rebekah
  • Caleb


Prelude: This is an adventure module I got for Rachael, it’s meant to be a Kid’s version of D&D, though the mechanics are for 4th edition. The character sheets are simplified (3×3 cards). It gives young aspiring gamers an easy intro into D&D basics.

Adventure Summary: Training Day! Our mentor invites us to the Secret place where kids become full members of the community. Nobody knows what happens there (From the kid’s perspective) as those who return are sworn to secrecy. It appears to be an initiation ritual of sorts. We’re handed items befitting our innate talents. A large sword for the warrior, a wand for the wizard, etc. Then our mentor leads us to a large barn, inside are nasty beasts. He lets the first beast out which proceeds to attack us, after it goes down, we fight the next beast… Landshark, Feral Fairy swarm, Beholder, Dragon. Luckily the mentor heals our wounds after each encounter. But then he ups the challenge, reviving the beasts and sending them at us at once. We manage to hold our own by superior tactics. Till our final challenge, who wasn’t in a cage, a crafty necromancer! We overcome the villain, and save the day!