Harry Potter D&D – Session 15

GM: Mike M.


wand (Photo credit: Ѕolo)


  • Andrew M.
  • Rebekah M.
  • Rachael M.
  • Calvin B.

Summary Sketch Notes:

+ Left strange dimension/world

+ Returned to the cave and the king

+ Purified the king so we could transport him to the keep

+ Heromine healed the king

+ Orion took the King and Christina back to their castle

+ Orion instructed Christina about her gifts

+ Rao and Raquel learned Artwork from Merlin Portrait

+ Investigated the Protective Field

+ Decided to implant the gem in Yasmin’s sword

+ Attacked by Belatrix and her minion wizards

+ Defeated Belatrix (She escaped), and two of the three minions. The guards were slaughtered while we were dealing with Belatrix.

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