Harry Potter D&D – Session 14

GM: Mike Mason


  • Andrew
  • Rachael
  • Connor
  • Kole


After jumping into the “chest portal” we discovered ourselves in a plowed field, which was devoid of plant life. A 30′ tall wall of stone was next to us. Off in the distance another Castle was seen. Climbing to the top of the wall, we seen another castle and ‘oppressed appearing people. A local guard/soldier came walking around the corner and told us to stay right their. Orion questioned the soldier, who said they were trespassing in the king’s garden. Orion (whom had a headache and no access to his Psychic powers) told the guard they would leave, just to show them which way. The soldier told them no, and Orion dressed him down in a very annoyed manner. The soldier charged them after Orion flicked the Whistle out of his hand. The group quickly subdued the soldier and discovered the soldier was decked out in heavy magic and under the influence of mind control.

We saw <InsertNPCNameHere> being escorted into the “barracks”. We went inside and paid the “fee” to free our friend. Then realized the locals had a high number of Ilan living oppressed. Any “Abnormal” also had a Collar about their neck. We decided to meet the king of this strange oppressed kingdom. The king is also wearing a collar. We learn that any gifted sentient is collared for their “own” protection and to prevent wars, which they claim happened long ago. 

We learned a ritual to return home. Discovered the oppression source in the other castle and decided to destroy it. Setting these people free to their own fate…