Harry Potter D&D – Session 13

    1. Noticed the Castle had been changed from the distance
    2. Unable to teleport directly to our room at Edward’s Castle
    3. Queen Crying, determined Daughter and King were missing
    4. King had left to find daughter
    5. Followed Psychic Trail to the North
    6. Found Giants who knew of us
    7. Followed trail into the forest, has an anti-psychic effect that nullifies all psychic abilities
    8. Ambushed by spiders
    9. Find the hidden ladder down into the pit of despair
    10. Traverse a chasm with eyes
    11. Find Blonde “Etell” with the princess before a portal
    12. Attempt to block the portal
    13. Blonde removes the Wall, and then tosses princess through
    14. We attack
    15. Blondie teleports away
    16. Find King in a Stasis with Uni’s horn impaled in his chest, king is projecting the portal from the horn
    17. We jump through the portal – END GAME




Andrew – Orion

Calvin – Rao

Conor – He Who Observes Silently (No Character)

Kole – “Lt. Dan!” Clutchmaster

Dillon – “Blind-Warrior Master”

Michael – Milan