Saturday Split (Chosen Ones & Call of Cthulhu)

We decided to split the game into 3 hour increments to give some variety.


GM: Andrew


  • Mike (Kenshin)
  • Bekah (Ella)
  • Rachael (Mysti)
  • Matt (Keir)
  • Kris (New Guy)
  • Kole (Edge)
  • Conor (Sal)
  • Calvin (Hawkeye)


RECAP (Rescuing of Simon and how another group of Chosen would be after the Duchess Chi. They intercepted Ghost and prevented the assassination. Then they encountered an Angry “Druid” who was terrorizing the nearby city for destroying nature. They made peace with the “Angry” druid and were able to get the Ruler “Randal” to have peace (City was Melvaunt).


Summary of the Game: A new fellow is brought into the group, a Shaper dealing in Earth. He has a mission to contain a powerful artifact that has recently been made available again. Following the “compass” they find a charred fae circle. Investigating the strange properties, they brave the ash and find themselves in another dimension. Of course, they find their minds have switched bodies. Leaving some feeling less manly. A nearby Greek Style temple is the source of the artifact and they investigate.

Several bugbears are seen poking the vines the crawl unnaturally up the temple. A strange creature calmly walks towards the bugbears and with a look, they fall over dead.

The group makes their way to the temple roof, where the shaper displays his craft and gives them an entrance from the roof. Once inside, the party members are all enticed with promises of power from a pedestal holding a Clawed Hand with a clutched Orb in it’s grasp. Two characters fall under it’s sway, and the others fight valiantly to prevent the release of the evil entity of the artifact. A comedy of events ensues, but eventually the Artifact is encased in Solidified ASH, placed in a Backpack of holding and they return to their dimension where they obtain their true bodies back.

Ended at 7:30pm



Began 7:35pm

GM: Matt


  • Andrew
  • Calvin
  • Michael (Guest player)
  • Mike
  • Kris (New player)
  • Bekah
  • Conor
  • Kole

Continuing from last time, the group is reunited after their reservation encounter. Having relocated to Arkham MA, the group is enlisted to solve a local mystery. A young store manager is accused of robbing his own store. Things don’t add up and the SCOOBY GANG is back into the thick of it. Everyone managed to go a little crazier discovering local cults that tied into what they had learned elsewhere.

Exhausting all the leads and clues in Arkham, the group decides to head out to investigate out of town leads.