Fantasy Craft Play Test

GM: Andrew Maitland


  • Calvin (Drake Sage[Initially was a Sage but redone due to test issues])
  • Kris (Rootwalker Scout)
  • Rachael (Elf Mage)
  • Rebekah (Pech Burglar)
  • NPC’d (Giant Assassin)

Absent: Sean

Summary: With characters made on the spot, it took some time to get the game play under way. With a band of experienced 4th level characters, the group was approached to handle a local banditry problem that was beyond the local resources. Some crafty bandits had established a base in an abandoned outpost and were harassing local caravans.

Eager for more pay, and recognition, the band set forth on their two day journey to the outpost. Scouting it out they discovered curious statues mounted at the four corners of the roof. Inside were eight brigands, and ten horses. The first plan failed miserably. The drake decided to launch an aerial flyby, but discovered the Statues were triggered by living airborne creatures, and peppered his hide with several arrows, severely injuring the drake. Abandoning the attack, they fell back and decided for a more subtle approach. Around midnight, they snuck back, and knocked out the patrolling guard, then the Mage cast SLEEP while the others tied them up. They then used the horses to carry the brigands back to town to collect the reward…

CUTSCENE: 40 men led by a nasty ogre returns to his outpost, only to find his men gone. A glare in his eyes as he determines to end those responsible for this insult…

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