Friday and Saturday Game Choices

I’ve debated what game to play/run this Friday, so if you have any feedback, that would help. The three main choices are:

1) Fantasy Craft – Level 4 Demo game to play test a PCGen set

2) D&D Next – Level 4 – We have a PCGen set to make our own characters along with expanded races!

3) Innocent or Guilty – Level 5

Optional 4th

4) Pathfinder Adventure Path (Okay, I can technically use this for any of the above!) Below is an excerpt for the choice and what you can expect from the game

**** FANTASY CRAFT by Crafty Games – It’s a variant d20 system with streamlined rules, simplified combat. I have a PCGen set I’m play testing for the company. It’s not Classless, it uses set Vitality Points. The races are quite unusual: Drake (Yes, a Large Creature), Pech, Unborn, Rootwalker, Orc, Ogre, Giant (Another Large Creature), Elf, Saurian, Goblin, Dwarf, Human.

Of course you can’t forget the classes: Assassin, Burglar, Captain, Courtier, Explorer, Keeper, Lancer, Mage, Priest, Sage, Scout, and Soldier

Synopsis for the next game: Your adventuring company has been hired to deal with a local pest problem. Thieves have holed up in an old outpost and now harass travelers. Can they outsmart the bandits or will they be the next victims?


D&D NEXT by Wizards of the Coast. This is the Play Test version with us playing the various aspects of the game and then giving feedback via the survey system in place. With the PCGen set, we can actually build characters. In this version there are actually SKILLS! Feats are available again, as well as complete class options. Synopsis for next game: Andrew pulls out Ye Olde Adventure Module and runs the group through a familiar tale with a spin… Guest appearance Belak the Druid and the GOLTHIAS TREE!


Innocent or Guilty Campaign by Andrew Maitland. A D&D 3.5e Eclipse Classless Game. Level 5 Characters. Our Orphans continue in their quest. Synopsis for next game: When the group investigates random disappearances, they become the next victims. What will they do when they find themselves in a strange realm without the help of Merrick?


This Saturday, Saturday, SATURDAY! We have choices…

Please cast a vote for what you’d like to play:

Choice #1 – Chosen Ones 2nd Generation
Choice #2 – D&D Next Play Test (Continuing where we left off)
Choice #3 – Another System?
Choice #4 – Guest GM!

If you picked #1: Chosen Ones 2nd Generation
Story Synopsis: Our cast resumes the adventure (Mike, I need the session notes as the blog isn’t updated… You escaped the Kraken, but beyond that I can’t recall much… Dungeons, Antimagic, big battle, rescued Simon Eagle Eyes. Then intercepted the group sent to kill Duchess Chi, met Ghost and then???)

Choice #2: D&D NEXT PLAY TEST –
Story Synopsis – We continue with the adventure, hopefully with no more Purple Worm lite snacks… 😉

* I’ll run DIAMOND THRONE CAMPAIGN SETTING – using the Arcana Evolved Variant PHB
* I’ll attempt my hand at the Blue Rose Campaign Setting using GREEN RONIN’S TRUE20 System
* We can do Star Wars Saga Edition again
* We can have a Modern Adventure using MONTE COOK’S WORLD OF DARKNESS
* Sky Pirates Strikes Again!
* Or if you all are feeling angsty, we can play an actual World of Darkness or All Flesh Must Be Eaten game.

Choice #4: GUEST GM – We can always impose upon Matthew to run a Call of Cthulhu game.

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