Innocent or Guilty – Session

GM: Andrew


  • Rebekah playing Gabrielle
  • Rachael playing Griselda
  • Calvin playing Burgmor
  • Sean playing Zhaital
  • Louis playing Rogesh
  • Haley playing Star

Summary: New character met the existing group in the Magical Manor eating breakfast. They approached Merrick after breakfast who informed them that YON had an issue regarding large wolves attacking farmsteads. The group spoke with Yon and learned the attacks were far more sinister in nature, with the wolves acting in a more intelligent manner. They located the tracks from a recent attack and tripped over a trap. An old trapper admonished the group, whom they ignored. Delving further into the woods they found six wolves the size of a large horse with animated remains of the victims. Destroying the wolves in a few rounds, the group found a new pyramid made of obsidian. Burgmor informed the group the pyramid was meant to channel negative planar energy into a heart stone. Rogesh spoke with the spirits trapped around the structure, and learned of an orc ripping spirits of the wolves out and infusing something else in them. The group entered into the pyramid…


Meal: Pizza

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