Harry Potter D&D – Session 10

GM: Mike

From left to right: Guinevere, Gaius, Morgana,...

From left to right: Guinevere, Gaius, Morgana, Merlin, Arthur, Uther and the Great Dragon in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Andrew playing Orion
  • Calvin playing Rao
  • Rachael playing Racquel
  • Rebekah playing Yasmin


Salsa and chips

Denny’s Breakfast/Lunch

Started: 5pm (Late Arrivals);

Ended: 10:30pm

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Summary Notes<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

+Met with King Edward – Discussed New Kingdom – obtained Sir ‘Arthur’ from King Edward
+Rao made Portraits, we have Orion (Blinks and has a mind); Rao (Wiggles Nose and has a mind)
+Met with refugees and those who wished to join our new kingdom (See List)
+Established Kingdom Duties
+Enlisted Heroes to help with possible Dragon Mischief
+Sought Mr. Gold for Magical Knowledge of Dragons


REFUGEES / Gifted/Talented Recruits

• Sir Bean – Ranger / scout – Co-Regent (Stay Defend Keep)
• Sir William – Swashbuckler – Co-Regent (Go fight Dragon)

• Four Knight – Guards (Need names)

• Aja – Samurai Girl – Lone Wolf (Go fight Dragon)
• Jaj – Oriental Boy – Mage (Go fight Dragon)
• Isaka – Chaotic Neutral “Slimshady” has dichromatic Eyes [Lone Wolf – Live Alone / Gold Dragonscale Armor] (Go fight Dragon)

• Miuccia – Magic (Stay)
• Bellira – Advisor / Psion (Stay)
• Shinta – Red Head Peasant – Greatness in Future (4 years old)
• Hermione – Cleric Magic Divine (Stay)
• Gryjek – Ranger / Less likable [Not Human – Illan] (Stay)
• Schala – Sorceress – Magical Power

Rao – Self Portrait – Nose Wiggle
Orion – Made by Rao – Blinks and has Mind (May be augmented later)
Obtained Portrait – “Sir Arthur” – Removed Confusion Spell from Portrait

Portrait – Sir Arthur
Shaded Figure Blonde Hair, Robed – Blue Eyes – Cast the Spell on the Portrait of Sir Arthur

To Do List for Next Game:

Finish Researching Dragons

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