Chosen Ones – 2nd Gen – Session 13

Himura Kenshin

Himura Kenshin (Photo credit: bibliomom)

GM: Andrew Maitland


  • Conor playing SALTHARION
  • Kole playing EDGE
  • Mike playing KENSHIN
  • Rachael playing MYSTI
  • Rebekah playing ELLASANDRA
  • Calvin playing HAWKEYE
  • Matt Y. playing KEIR
  • ABSENT: Matt K. playing SOREN

Meal: Chinese – Hunan! Yum…


Mike recaps the game.

The group reconvenes with them standing in the street. Simon is still acting rather odd and hippie-like. Kier discovers something is off, but before he can remark about it, Edge is struck with an ineffective Arrow. The others look around in time to see the figure bury an Arrow in Edge’s chest. Keir employs Acrobatics to cover the distance to gain access to the roof, using a passing Wagon, and then rolling into an attack to strike the assassin-to-be.

Kenshin, not wanting to be upstaged, dashed his way over and went to flank the opponent, but discovered the man was too evasive to be flanked! Edge, feeling annoyed at being targeted, climbed the wall to gain access, but the Assassin was blasted back by Hawkeye’s effect, he rolled and tapped Edge on the way down. After a free-for-all on the ground, they eventually subdued the man; bound him and Hawkeye gleaned information from him.

He was sent to deal with Edge if he appeared at that intersection in the next WEEK. He was part of a mercenary group that had set Edge up in the past for the Murder of his parents. Through this investigation, they discovered that TORRIK, a Cultist of Tabarath, was working to trap the Chosen Ones (Especially Sal) in another dimension. (And nearly succeeded!).

They consulted and learned the Simon they had was a doppelganger that had been drained of intelligence by a MIND FLAYER. And was part of the trap. They found where Simon was being held, ZHENTIL KEEP. They decided to head that way by Ship.

WAYLAID! A Fierce Kraken attacks their vessel on the Fourth Day. Most of the party is grappled by the dangerous beast.

Only Ella, Mysti and Kenshin remain grapple free…


  • +2 Dagger (Change Weapon, is a +2 Elven Composite Strength Bow, a Double Bladed Sword (1d8’s) and a Legacy Unlocked Form ‘Elven Curveblade’) – Edge took this weapon
  • +3 Shadow Leather Armor (+5 Armor AC, +5 Competence to Hide Checks) – Keir took this item
  • Ring of the Masterful Poisoner and Freedom of Movement (5/day may deploy a Poison it’s been exposed to.) – Kenshin took this item.

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