PCGen in our games…

Since D&D 3rd edition came out, I’ve been using a program called PCGen. ‘Player Character Generator’

This is one of the few programs that ever got me interested in coding. I could alter some easy to read code, and see an immediate effect!

Well, as a GM, it wasn’t long before I was customizing my own stuff, tinkering, and going to town – handling all the character maintenance in my groups. Before long, I was helping the project out. Now, years later I’m well embedded with the PCGen community, and making sets and characters like a champion. Although I need to finish off my character Sheet changes – Test Vision on the back page is getting old, but hey, it works!

I’ve linked a few of the actual characters in play under GM Mike’s game – Harry Potter D&D. Now, if you see some odd items, don’t be alarmed, these characters are built under the D&D 3.5 rule set, but are also CLASSLESS using the System put out by Author Paul Melroy of Distant Horizons Games, Eclipse d20 point buy (Codex Persona).

Let me tell ya, making a Classless Data Set wasn’t easy for a program used to straight classes. But I’ve managed to hack something workable together. Sure, you could write it out in a template doc, add a snappy background and make it a PDF, but I like the auto calculations of PCGen.

I enjoy the PDFs I can produce, and if I’m feeling the need, I can export a party sheet to give me the information I need about each character, for general play.

Mind you, PCGen has been evolving slowly since I joined the free project. It’s now got a new User Interface, and has become a lot faster and sleeker. I’m impressed by the code improvements to catch errors, as well as the standardization to make it easy to code. There is still room for improvement, but that requires volunteers, JAVA to be precise. I’ve enjoyed the program, and as I use it, I continue to give back, coding up various books, and fixing bugs that are within my ability to fix.

Over all, PCGen remains a tool for my gaming needs, and I’ll continue to use it as long as my players play d20 system games.

Chosen Ones – 2nd Gen – Session 13

Himura Kenshin

Himura Kenshin (Photo credit: bibliomom)

GM: Andrew Maitland


  • Conor playing SALTHARION
  • Kole playing EDGE
  • Mike playing KENSHIN
  • Rachael playing MYSTI
  • Rebekah playing ELLASANDRA
  • Calvin playing HAWKEYE
  • Matt Y. playing KEIR
  • ABSENT: Matt K. playing SOREN

Meal: Chinese – Hunan! Yum…


Mike recaps the game.

The group reconvenes with them standing in the street. Simon is still acting rather odd and hippie-like. Kier discovers something is off, but before he can remark about it, Edge is struck with an ineffective Arrow. The others look around in time to see the figure bury an Arrow in Edge’s chest. Keir employs Acrobatics to cover the distance to gain access to the roof, using a passing Wagon, and then rolling into an attack to strike the assassin-to-be.

Kenshin, not wanting to be upstaged, dashed his way over and went to flank the opponent, but discovered the man was too evasive to be flanked! Edge, feeling annoyed at being targeted, climbed the wall to gain access, but the Assassin was blasted back by Hawkeye’s effect, he rolled and tapped Edge on the way down. After a free-for-all on the ground, they eventually subdued the man; bound him and Hawkeye gleaned information from him.

He was sent to deal with Edge if he appeared at that intersection in the next WEEK. He was part of a mercenary group that had set Edge up in the past for the Murder of his parents. Through this investigation, they discovered that TORRIK, a Cultist of Tabarath, was working to trap the Chosen Ones (Especially Sal) in another dimension. (And nearly succeeded!).

They consulted and learned the Simon they had was a doppelganger that had been drained of intelligence by a MIND FLAYER. And was part of the trap. They found where Simon was being held, ZHENTIL KEEP. They decided to head that way by Ship.

WAYLAID! A Fierce Kraken attacks their vessel on the Fourth Day. Most of the party is grappled by the dangerous beast.

Only Ella, Mysti and Kenshin remain grapple free…


  • +2 Dagger (Change Weapon, is a +2 Elven Composite Strength Bow, a Double Bladed Sword (1d8’s) and a Legacy Unlocked Form ‘Elven Curveblade’) – Edge took this weapon
  • +3 Shadow Leather Armor (+5 Armor AC, +5 Competence to Hide Checks) – Keir took this item
  • Ring of the Masterful Poisoner and Freedom of Movement (5/day may deploy a Poison it’s been exposed to.) – Kenshin took this item.

Guest Game – Andrew – Module Dead Man’s Party

GM Matt K was unable to join due to illness, another month before we can RESUME the Iron Kingdoms game…

Mawdryn Undead

Mawdryn Undead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GM: Andrew


  • Calvin playing Warrick
  • Sean playing Boran
  • Rachael playing Mysti


Guest game. Our adventure begins in a BAR, whereupon an mid-aged Nobleman requests the group to investigate the Sanitarium. He relays that the locals claim to have seen the living dead heading up that direction, and they haven’t heard from the place in a weeks’ time. He offers a reward for their help. They accept and depart for the place on the hill.

Along the way they discover a group of ZOMBIES heading towards the same place as them. Nearby, they discover a Ranger  named ZANDER is shooting ZOMBIES. He offers to assist them to reach the place, and to disguise themselves. He detests the undead infesting his forest of late, but refuses to go into the building.

Arriving at the Sanitarium, they see a Ghoul speaking to the mindless undead and invite them in. Warrick takes the Door Ghoul down in one round, and they proceed in to follow the undead into the ball room, where they begin dancing in grotesque displays of mockery of the previous life. They proceed to dungeon style go room-to-room and destroy the undead in each room. Eventually they learn from a group of Noble Ghouls that the Necromancer has a dark rift that brings the undead to the place and he plans on taking over the world.

They find the rift and after a few various attempts destroy the rift and the guardian.