Harry Potter D&D – Session 9

GM: Mike

A subterranean river in the Križna cave system...

A subterranean river in the Križna cave system of Slovenia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Andrew playing Orion
  • Rachael playing Raquel
  • Calvin playing Rao
  • Rebekah playing Yasmin

Started at the Castle, had our feast for the defeat of the dragon. The King had items crafted for us (See list below). We, returned to the Troll Caves and followed a path down the underground river. Coming to where we thought the Person we followed. Orion went ethereal and headed below and discovered a room with what appeared to be a trophy (Quidditch Trophy). Retracing, the way, Orion notices a movement, and noticed the Trophy has moved.

We discover a cache of dragon eggs protected under the river, kept safe by some sort of magic.

Summary of outline:

  • + Found the Dragon Eggs under the river in a protected room.
  • + Returned to the Keep and cleared it out over the course of three days.
  • + Transported the Eggs to the Keep.
  • + Return to Castle and let the King know we’ve claimed the kingdom.
  • + Refugees (Offer to allow them to return home under our joint leadership)


Items to gained:

Dragon Armor – Half-Plate +1 Yasmin
Amulet of Dragoneye (+5 Search/Spot – Blindsense 20′) Orion
X4 Crimson dragonhide bracers (+1 Natural Armor, Fire Resistance 5) Yasmin, Orion, Rao, Racquel
Spell Component Pouch Racquel
X4 Dragonblooded Potion Yasmin, Orion, Rao, Racquel
Staves Upgraded to +1 Enhancement Bonus (To Hit and Damage) Orion, Rao
Wand given to Racquel Racquel