Harry Potter – Session 8

GM: Mike Mason


  • Andrew
  • Rebekah
  • Calvin
  • Rachael
  • ABSENT: Faye
  • ABSENT: Camrin

After a lengthy recap of what had passed, we pick up at the cave… Having no other leads we decided to investigate the cave.

We came across these Large Trolls. They seem to be guarding something. After weighing our options, we decide to wake the lone Troll and talk to it. It became hostile, so we paralyzed it, and Orion spoke to it telepathically. After some deduction, we learned it’s dominated and not inherently evil by nature. Using Protection from Evil, we break the domination affect, and convince it to aid us in freeing it’s fellow Trolls. We then ally with them to take on the fearsome dragon ‘master’. Within one round we kill the ‘Huge’ Dragon, Orion with teleport support; Yasmin takes a full attack and lands three mighty blows; another Troll that was teleported lands a critical and destroys an Eye on the dragon. The shaman launches a spear and finishes the dragon off.

Treasure is gained, new friends are made. But deeper in the cave our map shows that the ‘Dark One’ is nearby. Bidding farewell, we decide to push onward…

Deutsch: Troll Norwegen

You wanna mess with me?

Call of Cthulhu – Session 3

GM: Matt Yeoman


  • Calvin
  • Matt?
  • Kat?
  • Conor
  • Kole
  • Mike
  • ?

Andrew was absent due to work. I have no information of what happened…



Iron Kingdoms! Session 1

GM: Matt Keffer


  • Andrew
  • Sean
  • Calvin
  • Kat (Guest)
  • Rebekah

We played a store Module to introduce the characters to the grim and gritty world of IRON KINGDOM. This is a non-d20 setting, but we enjoyed the concepts.

Storyline: We are a non-chartered group looking to become Chartered. We get called in by our legal liaison who wants us to acquire something to pay a ransom for his kidnapped family. The promise of being chartered our reward. We go to the Alchemist Shop where we find we’re not the only ones interested in finding this object. After a brief confrontation at the door, we’re all blown to the street by an explosion. Doing some fast super sleuthing, we gather evidence, and then head to a barge where we have a lead. Finding those same guys that were giving us issue being executed, we board and confront the pirates. A large battle ensues. We fight undead, a sorceress, and the brutish troll who is tough. In the end we recover a nasty core of a mech (A bad necro version) and ended the game where we learn the law officer is a double crosser. (Good thing we chose the winning side…)