Chosen Ones – Next Gen – Session 11

GM: Andrew


  • Mike
  • Rebekah?
  • Calvin
  • Matt?
  • Rachael

Mike’s Log

The attacks on the demon primates were a losing battle, so everybody regroups.
Soren becomes part of his *cough*METH*cough* lab and has a good time.
Kenshin recuperates from fighting with Ella and Mysti.
Hawkeye comes back, unable to find the orc.
The three members who are not here today (Kier, Sal, Edge) are investigating the tower more.
We decide to explore the dungeon since we haven’t figured that out much yet. There’s a live person.
We talk to the person, named Bion Dark. Hawkeye does most of the questioning.
Chamerion(?) army owns the building, but Bion is claiming the land within the kingdom underneath the
outpost and now the outpost too.
Bion says his people are trapped elsewhere trying to get here from another place. He is safer in the
dungeons trying to wait for the commander to surrender to him so he can take the outpost. The previous garrison
went crazy due to a curse put out by Bion’s people. Bion’s people 500 years ago were denied access when they asked.
The language to say Bion’s people’s name is Infernal. Soren gets the willies hearing the name of the species.
Our chosen one communications is not hindered by the tower, but Mysti’s magic. Bion says the tower’s people are at
the edge of the forest. the tower doesnt know much except it was created by salsinnabar. The being in the dungeon
was escorted there by a soldier inhabitant.
We decide to go check the forest edge for crazy inhabitants. 20feet beyond the edge of the forest we find 200 men
tied up and awake. They explain they were ambushed by howling monkeys and tied up.
We go back to Bion, who tells us where the portal is, (after Hawkeye fails to mentally rape Bion) and Soren goes and
finds the node with the portal which is charred. We deactivate only the glyphs and the portal appears. The primates
instinctively flock to the gate, more than 100. Bion teleports to the gate, says farewell to Soren, and steps through
after the last primate. *fanfare*

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