Harry Potter Crossover – Session 7

Game Master: Mike


  • Andrew
  • Rachael
  • Calvin
  • Faye (Absent)
  • Camrin (Absent)

MEAL: Carl’s Jr. and Costco Pumpkin Pie



Recap of what had gone before…

After making peace with the Kobolds and the Royals, Orion returns to Camp. We followed the map to find the valley where our elusive target was currently located. Our keen sighted ones notice a White Blur and a Black Blur in the distance. Orion teleported the group to close by, but the black blur was gone. Rao tried to cast a reveal spell, and instead the Cat burst from the ground, only without a burst. Rao and cat have a talk.

In the valley was a herd of equine creatures, later discovered to be Unicorns. A man is seen messing with one. We teleported to him and ended up in a fight. He was subdued but escapes. The unicorn he was messing with has an illusionary horn. Orion heals it and it shows love and affection. The other herd congregate towards Orion.

We decide to check out the Archway of Bone and a bridge. The magic users feel ill, as does the Wands and Staves of the world. We decide to leave the archway. Rao almost kills a bird and then tries to rejuvenate it. Meanwhile a loud rumbling is heard. While the rest of us have left, Rao decides to confront the gathered giants. Rao makes no headway and gets in a small fight where it becomes a draw as they both end it.

We head to our last lead, a cave where the “master’ was reported to be. Upon arrival, the kobolds are found slaughtered. A psychic vision reveals the ‘master’, an immense dragon, killed them for a ‘betrayal’. We unearth a Greatsword which appears to be an Artifact. Game ended and the group Levels Up to 5!


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