Harry Potter Crossover – Session 6


Yeah, it’s cool!

GM: Mike


  • Andrew playing Orion
  • Rebekah playing Yasmin
  • Rachael playing Racquel
  • Camrin playing Anton
  • Faye playing Tenlaid

Meal: Watermellon, Salsa, Casper Dogs


Started with meeting the new characters. Went to the candy store and got some Jelly Beans. Then the Jewelry store where ORION got his Ring fixed (Two Rings). Then asked the Royals for a map to track the man who had ORION’s dagger.

They took off, encountered some Kobolds during SECOND watch. ORION was able to convince them to help the King. Took them to the King for negotiations.

Start at 4:30pm Local. End at 10pm. After event game ‘Betrayal at house on the Hill’ – Heroes WON!

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