Innocent or Guilty – Bridging the Gap

GM: Andrew


  • Camrin playing  Oram Summer
  • Faye playing Prier
  • Rachael playing Mysti Winters


Prelude to Merrick’s Manor – The characters are invited to a recruitment opportunity to join the guild of Thieves’. Upon reaching the warehouse where this meeting was to take place, they note Bull Dog ‘Bully’ men are hanging round the grounds. They enter and take a seat. A concusive wave knocks them out, but not before seeing the bodies of two murdered victims.

They awaken in a dungeon cell, recalling the gruesome scene they witness earlier. They would learn they are being held for the aiding in a murder of Lord and Lady Hedron. Known to be friends of the down trodden. A man identifying himself as Merrick asks the accused if any would like to assist in clearing their own names by searching for evidence to prove their innocence.

The three companions agree, and head out. First they visit the Hedron Household to make their well wishes, and case the place for evidence under the guise of blessing the house; then they head to the upscale district where they learn of Caldric and his suspected wrong doing. (Associating with Bully, and disliking his inheritance being spent away by his parents on the street scum and rifraff.

Finally, they head to the scene of the crime, discover the gruesome ritual and a trap door. Before descending, they check in at the Jail and reveal their discoveries before returing and discovering Bully and his gang discussing an upcoming riot. They wait till Bully leaves to claim the ritual daggers used in the murder. With the evidence in hand, they return to the jail and clear their names.

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