Harry Potter Crossover – Session 6


Yeah, it’s cool!

GM: Mike


  • Andrew playing Orion
  • Rebekah playing Yasmin
  • Rachael playing Racquel
  • Camrin playing Anton
  • Faye playing Tenlaid

Meal: Watermellon, Salsa, Casper Dogs


Started with meeting the new characters. Went to the candy store and got some Jelly Beans. Then the Jewelry store where ORION got his Ring fixed (Two Rings). Then asked the Royals for a map to track the man who had ORION’s dagger.

They took off, encountered some Kobolds during SECOND watch. ORION was able to convince them to help the King. Took them to the King for negotiations.

Start at 4:30pm Local. End at 10pm. After event game ‘Betrayal at house on the Hill’ – Heroes WON!

Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – Session 10

GM: Andrew


  • Mike – Kenshin
  • Rachael – Mysti
  • Bekah – Ella
  • Kole – Edge
  • Conor – Sal


After the wagon attack, Hawkeye teleports Kier and Soren to go find the magical orc.
Sal cleans up the trees from the path while Mysti rests. We then move out for the rest of the day. The night falls (but nobody gets hurt.) We arrive at hell’s (rear) end.
There’s a clearing of 500 feet where before the outpost walls (15ft high).
There’s a 5 story? tower. 60-70ft tall. It eclipses the wall. There are no guards. The gate is not a gate. It’s ajar.
There is a ballista behind the large “arrow” slots.
Inside the courtyard there are animals (farm variety)
Edge goes and tries to open it. In his head he hears “Identify yourself.” He smartmouths the door.
Kenshin tells the door he is a baronet, and there is a symbol on a coronet with a sigil. “You are now the temporary commander of the outpost.”
Edge tries to rush in, but Sal stops him.
Kenshin tells the door he wants his three companions to gain entry. It grants it.
The tower looks like a flattened starfish on the inside, there are 4 doors other than the entrance in a symmetrical pentagon.
Mysti opens up the leftmost door. Barracks with bunkbeds. can hold 150 people. It has the signs that someone left recently in a hurry.
Edge finds the mess hall on the right. (and avoids gaining weight) then he goes to the metal impeding the stairway.
The second floor seems to also be cleared out but edge hits a training dummy with a scythe… staying there.
The third floor is more food provisions (dry storage) and some extra beds.
The fourth floor has doors with the same sigil on the coronet, and they’re locked. The first opens with Kenshin’s touch and request, revealing an office.
Mysti takes the papers and maps from it. The commander thought the place was cursed, and wanted to remove his troops to Trail’s end. Three days ago. We should have passed them on the trail back. We did not.
The next room is the personal quarters of the commander, and all personal items have been removed.
The next is a weapons and supply storage. Nothing magical.
Next room is upper command quarters.
Fifth room is tactical quarters. Mysti takes the map and the figures. Then she goes back to the weapons and takes a spear.
The next floor has no doors. it is open, large slots with ballistas parked before each one.
Sixth floor is for archers, no round cylinder thing, it’s all open, hooks for repelling, slots for arrows.
We go down one floor and touch a metal part of the cylinder, open it to reveal practically an elevator, and we get in then go to “b”
Then we go to “I” and get Edge, then go to “b”
Kenshin takes the right hand rule. A forge, tools, fabrication. Oh my.
Second room is sciency with beakers, controlled burners, shelves with ingredients. Alchemical lab. Soren would be in heaven.
Third is storge for the first room’s forge.
Fourth room is a jail/brig. Thick bars. segregated with rows on either side. Very heavy duty and magically warded room.
Fifth room is very odd. In the middle of the room in a glyph circle is a statue, there are books and many sigils and glyphs everywhere.
Anybody with a magical ability feels thrumming, oozing with power. Sal’s Keyblade appears for no reason when he walks in.
Sal and Mysti read the books. Mysti reads that the keep is sentient and bestows powers upon it’s troops (better combatants, they can see very well (no penalties for anything except total darkness) Residents can receive one day of healing per round up to ten rounds and proficiencies with weapons and bestows the ability to understand all written/phonetic languages)
The tower’s name is Sariel.
Someone is shouting into the tower “Are you causing that racket?!?”
We go to the first floor and hear horrendous shrieking and howling.
Kenshin goes to the first floor and asks the tower to stop shrieking. The statue on the basement level turns to the other three and says “I am not.”
Kenshin tells them that the tower says it’s not shrieking and they tell him they heard the statue speak to them this time.
The soldiers outside are locking the gate. Kenshin goes to them to figure out what the shrieking is. It’s echoing throughout the outpost and coming from the surrounding forest. Sal goes to the fifth floor. Edge goes to hit the dummy (what did the dummy do to him?) and Mysti goes also to hit the dummies.
Sal tells Kenshin he doesn’t see anything and goes to the basement and talks to the statue about the evacuation.
Then Edge and Mysti take a nap.

They wake up, go outside the wall with Kenshin and Sal and start scouting. Mysti and edge become ‘confused’. The forest is rather thick.

There are large ape like creatures that are not surprising to Kenshin and Sal, and the other two come to their senses during the fight. INITIATIVE!
We attack. Ella shows up unexpectedly, too, as a cat, and bites/claws one of them! wheeee. We swat, spear, and otherwise maim the hominids into death.
We win! It takes a bit before Mysti acts reasonable.
They were fighting in more of a coordinated manner than 3 gorillas should.
The leopard finds people tracks! (Not apey tracks)
We decide to hunt for more apes before hunting for humans.
We find three more larger apes. ATTACK!!!
We nearly get our… AHEM… handed to us… but we do prevail, and go join the caravan again.

Innocent or Guilty – Bridging the Gap

GM: Andrew


  • Camrin playing  Oram Summer
  • Faye playing Prier
  • Rachael playing Mysti Winters


Prelude to Merrick’s Manor – The characters are invited to a recruitment opportunity to join the guild of Thieves’. Upon reaching the warehouse where this meeting was to take place, they note Bull Dog ‘Bully’ men are hanging round the grounds. They enter and take a seat. A concusive wave knocks them out, but not before seeing the bodies of two murdered victims.

They awaken in a dungeon cell, recalling the gruesome scene they witness earlier. They would learn they are being held for the aiding in a murder of Lord and Lady Hedron. Known to be friends of the down trodden. A man identifying himself as Merrick asks the accused if any would like to assist in clearing their own names by searching for evidence to prove their innocence.

The three companions agree, and head out. First they visit the Hedron Household to make their well wishes, and case the place for evidence under the guise of blessing the house; then they head to the upscale district where they learn of Caldric and his suspected wrong doing. (Associating with Bully, and disliking his inheritance being spent away by his parents on the street scum and rifraff.

Finally, they head to the scene of the crime, discover the gruesome ritual and a trap door. Before descending, they check in at the Jail and reveal their discoveries before returing and discovering Bully and his gang discussing an upcoming riot. They wait till Bully leaves to claim the ritual daggers used in the murder. With the evidence in hand, they return to the jail and clear their names.