Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – Session 9

GM: Andrew


  • Matt Y. – Playing Kier
  • Kole – Playing Edge
  • Conor – Playing Sal
  • Rachael – Playing Mysti
  • Matt K. – Playing Soren
  • Bekah – Playing Ella
  • Mike – Playing Kenshin


Summary By Recorder Mike:

Everybody is now Back in Hillsfar thanks to Hawkeye’s teleportation. Except Horace, who died of Alcohol Poisoning.
We locate Simon in the local establishments of Hilsofar. He’s by himself in a corner.
Kenshin and Hawkeye speak up about finding Saltharian. We also discuss Kier’s father. And being disgruntled about being no closer.
Simon explains Erik will train us, and joins Soren to the Chosen Ones, giving us all
(OC – Chosen one Template +2 to Str, Con, and Cha, also gives us grant of aid once per three character levels rounded up.)
We also get a Chosen Ones Orb. (Enhances weapons, such as Kenshin’s being +2 now instead of +1; we also get a location added to mystic link and darkvision)
Kier, Soren, Edge, Hawkeye, Saltharian, Ella, and Mysti take Legionary training. (+3 to Ac, Attacks, and Reflex saves now)
We get a montage… MONTAGE!!!
We also meet Edge. 5’2, brown eyes, weighs 160, has a scythe, and dressed in a vest, dark pants, and a metal shield codpiece.
Our new mission is an alien bug-hunt at an outpost on Faerun called hell’s (rear) end.
We teleport there with letters of the local government, and mounts.
We have Kier the party leader, bringing us to the village Trail’s End, (the most reasonable place) with a bustling inn and tavern.
The climate is temperately colder. Northern hemisphere (Canadian like.)
We talk to someone going out of town on a caravan with supplies, and offer to protect it for food/drink along the way but leave the next day.
No rice or fish.
Next morning, rough looking wagon drivers are leading the wagons, with weapons.
They’re carrying furs, food, arrows, provisions in general (restocking)
Night one, we set up camp in a clearing which is very established (it’s been done before.)
In the middle of the night Kier and Edge hear rustling when a person goes to the restroom.
When investigated, it looks like something dragged something else away, and there’s blood.
Kier mentally tries to wake us up… Kenshin books it (even though he doesn’t read much)
Soren, Edge, and Kenshin track the animal, finding a warg
Hawkeye runs to it, but doesn’t get there in time, because it’s finished eating.
Kenshin runs to attack it, but finds 4 more, and banks a different direction. The wargs growl, alerting Soren and Edge to their numbers.
Hawkeye teleports to Kenshin and tells him to stop.
The wargs don’t notice Soren and Edge when Soren goes back to the camp and Edge goes into the glade, but Edge turns around and leaves.
We hear howling wolves. Hawkeye grabs Kenshin and teleports to the camp.
Kenshin mental contacts everybody and tells them there are 5 wargs very viscious.
One of the wagon drivers was the casualty.
Morning occurs, and we ride again.
a tree falls before and after.
arrows fly.
There’s a floating orc which fireballs us.
Kenshin flying leaps and knocks one prone, the Saltharian, Soren, Ella, Mysti, and Kier attack their respective close targets,
Hawkeye teleports one tree to the flying orc mage and hits him, the orc retaliates with another fireball.
Our mages/psychics/psions hit the orc with some ranged spells while the fighters (kenshin, kier, edge) fight the archers and Mysti heals Saltharian.
The flying orc mage disappears, and the rest of the others are much easier to kill/knock out.
All in all we lost two wagons, one horse, six guards, and got fairly hurt.

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