Harry Potter Crossover – Session 5

GM: Mike


  • Andrew playing Orion
  • Rebekah playing Yasmin
  • Rachael playing Raquel
  • Calvin playing Rao
  • ABSENT: Matt Y. playing Bela

MEAL: Pizza!


Session 5 – “The Underverse”

Our group decides to assist the kingdom and head to the ‘Eastern Scourge’, two days of travel in the wilderness and nothing happens. Arriving at an abandoned castle, we gain entry. Nobody is left. We find Flesh Golems, but after Rao kills them all, it’s revealed they were peasants. We located a scroll of foul necromancy, it had the formula to make people into these flesh golem constructs. Finding nothing else of interest, Orion has a vision of the sandy Blonde haired fellow they had captured and left in the other world. BLAST! We had an incompetent king or guards back home.

Following the ONLY set of the tracks, we reach a Bog. Floating above the marsh, we reach a dome. After much looking, we decide to rest. Orion teleports in after astrally projecting himself inside. A Small box is inside. Rao makes it her mission to open the little box that resists all magic.

Eventually, the box is opened, a little rock removed. A legion of 10 skeletons erupt from the ground. Our group makes quick work of the magic missile firing skeletons. Orion teleports the group back to the Main Castle. We discover the rock is a soul shard. The queen desires it so they can destroy it.

We ended with the group, debating it’s next course of action.

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