Chosen Ones, 2nd Gen – Session 8

Session 8

GM: Andrew


  • Kier played by Matt Y.
  • Soren played by Matt K.
  • Horace played by Kole (Guest)
  • Ellasandra played by Bekah
  • Mysti played by Rachael
  • Hawkeye played by Calvin
  • Kenshin played by Mike
  • Sal played by Conor



Group resumes their voyage on the water; Hawkeye feels a pull on the strings of the bond – guiding the ship to an isle, the party discovers Sal along with Horace and Soren. Having rescued the stranded men, they resume their journey. PIRATES – the ship flying a jollyrodger! Though after having a fireball sweep their decks, the groups resumes without any further encounters. Back in Waterdeep, Keir finds Daroon back to his tricks – follows him to a warehouse with hidden guards. Horace gets drunk. Sal is con’d into volunteering to follow a lead to join the red hands organization. He is pulled out before losing his middle finger.

They infiltrate the warehouse, avoid the traps, find prisoners, and discover a torture in progress. Vanquishing the remaining foes – with Daroon escaping yet again, they discover Seth is the torture victim freeing him.


Ended at 10:30pm

Meal: KFC, Cake and Cup Cakes, Chips & Salsa

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