Harry Potter D&D Session 4

We pick up at the cave. Bela finds two men in the cave, the short ‘shadow man’ and a large man. The group quickly takes them down. Returning to the castle and briefing the king, we get sent to find a magical beast in the forest. Convincing the beast to return to the castle willingly, we then jump to the other dimension by the potion.

We arrive at night and try to get our bearings. Scouting out the canyon, Orion discovers a camp. We teleport to the campsite, and Rao investigates. We encounter an animated dead thing (Flesh Golem with some sentience). We destroy the creatures and press onward to a Castle spotted. We convince the guards to allow us to stay. In the morning we meet the royals, and give an account of ourselves. In order to gain their assistance in dealing with the ‘Dark Eaters’, we must help them with a Direction Scourge (Western Scourge). No sooner do we agree, then we discover that an army of 100 scourgites are descending upon the castle, we lend our aid while Raquel Blows them up. Discovering a leader, Orion ports  Bela, his Battle Cat and <Bekah’s Character> to intercept the leader. We slay him and return to the castle. The others disappear.


We ended there.

Meal – Nachos.

Doctor Who – Adventurers in Time and Space

We played Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space.

Our group:

Andrew – GM

Mike – Mahatmas Ghandi






Becoming trapped in a time vortex, the TARDIS lands in a room. They investigate and discover they’re on a DALEK facility. They manage to destroy the mechanism holding them hostage and escape!

Innocent or Guilty Session 20

Invited to a Ball. Our heroes see a weird Symbol on the harvest Moon. Zhaital recognizes the symbol of the dread wizard that destroyed his village. They rush off to find the wizard at a bonfire. Zhaital destroys the wizard…