Guest Game – Quest of the Plague

GM: George Cool

Mission life diarama

Mission life diarama (Photo credit: kern.justin)


  • Andrew playing Geldon (Specialty Priest of Mystra)
  • Rachael playing Misty Neverwinter (Female Elf Hunter)
  • Calvin playing a human merchant/ egoist
  • Daniel playing a human finesse fighter and then later a halfling coward
  • Mike playing a Half-orc Barbarian (Doke)

The Mission Simple – Find and stop the source of the burning plague. We gathered a group together, sought permission from the mayor to enter the silver mines. Dispatched we kobolds in the mines, then dire rats that took down Doke. After resting, we discovered an Orc Priest desecrating the town water supply. Killed we him and saved the town.

Departing to Silvermoon to report to his superiors, Geldon did. Along the path an Orc patrol was found camping, eating a halfling on a spit, two others were in cages. Geldon caused four of the Orcs to sleep, the Half-Orc Doke caused one to fall into the fire. The remaining tried to flee with the caged halflings, but Geldon caused them to sleep as well. We killed them all and set the halflings free. Resuming our journey.

Geldon was informed that the Orcs are stirring, and to seek out the Dwarves to aid in an upcoming battle.

Herein we ended the game.

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