Chosen Ones, 2nd Gen – Session 7

Session 7

The Hunt for Kier’s Father – Seth

Summary: Traveling beyond Waterdeep to other ports, they find the Red Hands have kidnapped the father. They interrupt Daroon’s plans when they break up a meeting being held by the illusive man. They learn Seth is back in Waterdeep somewhere.

Guest Game – Quest of the Plague

GM: George Cool

Mission life diarama

Mission life diarama (Photo credit: kern.justin)


  • Andrew playing Geldon (Specialty Priest of Mystra)
  • Rachael playing Misty Neverwinter (Female Elf Hunter)
  • Calvin playing a human merchant/ egoist
  • Daniel playing a human finesse fighter and then later a halfling coward
  • Mike playing a Half-orc Barbarian (Doke)

The Mission Simple – Find and stop the source of the burning plague. We gathered a group together, sought permission from the mayor to enter the silver mines. Dispatched we kobolds in the mines, then dire rats that took down Doke. After resting, we discovered an Orc Priest desecrating the town water supply. Killed we him and saved the town.

Departing to Silvermoon to report to his superiors, Geldon did. Along the path an Orc patrol was found camping, eating a halfling on a spit, two others were in cages. Geldon caused four of the Orcs to sleep, the Half-Orc Doke caused one to fall into the fire. The remaining tried to flee with the caged halflings, but Geldon caused them to sleep as well. We killed them all and set the halflings free. Resuming our journey.

Geldon was informed that the Orcs are stirring, and to seek out the Dwarves to aid in an upcoming battle.

Herein we ended the game.

It’s All Greek To Me – Session 5

The Epic Finale

Fresco in the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, depicti...

Almost there

GM: George Cool


  • Andrew playing Kyros
  • Rebekah playing Filia
  • Will playing Rykos
  • Matt playing Mattos
  • Kat* playing Katelina
  • Calvin playing Bion
  • Sean playing Danalaus

*Guest player

Our final Greek Game. The spartans have begun a conquest of blood, conquering and destroying. Kyros calls in all the blood debts owed to him to meet the Spartan Fleet. King Danalaus gives an ultimatum to the Spartans. With our fleet of 50 vs. their 100, we prepare to destroy them. Each character faces a choice given to them by the opposing gods, and choose they do.

The plan was to lure them onto the Island via the Harbor and then trap their fleet in the harbor setting them on fire. Using simplified combat rules, we take out dozens of their ships. We sink the Flagship. The tide of battle is in our favor. The Gods interfere as they normally do – Morpheus (The dreamer) makes our crews insane – Katelina pleas with her Father to step out of the conflict. And he does so, releasing his insane hold on the crews. Zeus drops lightning and then enters the fray. Uranus, Athena and Artemis confront Hades, Ares and Zeus. Eventually, our side wins as Zeus is cut in half by the Flint Scythe.