Chosen Ones 2nd Gen – Session 6

“Is there anything else?”

Players Present:

  • Rebekah
  • Mike
  • Matt Y.
  • Dan
  • Peter (Observer, played two NPCs)

Meal: Panda Express & Togo’s

GM Recap:

Brought the group up to speed, let Keir have a solo.

Kier discovered the Wanted posters were being put out by Daroon Nightshade, a criminal overlord operating out in Waterdeep. He suspects it’s related to his father. He awaited the return of the others to divulge what he had learned.

They decided to follow this lead into Waterdeep. Simon was able to provide them with a method to quickly get to Waterdeep. They came into a tavern where people were eating breakfast. They met a man who wanted to tell them stories and hear their own storied (NPC played by Mike). Out in the square “Baker’s Square” a small crowd had gathered. John “Popeye” Dempsey belted out a Song (38 on the Perform Sing Roll) and was able to quickly make money by his impromptu performance. Keir noted a strange man watching him. They tailed him, he stopped at multiple taverns along the way, and eventually got to the docks. There things became interesting – he met with agroup of dock workers and one led him to a man with a hook “Sly” and was paid for the information in a dive bar. Keir was able to listen in on the conversations, and discovered a great many things.

John broke out into another song routine at the Bar and was quite good. Kenshin fell into conversation with a barfly (NPC played by Matt Y.) Kenshin insisted he wanted to meet Daroon. The man scoffed and said he was heading for an early grave. A sailor entered the bar, saw Kenshin and engaged him in talk. (Sailor NPC played by Peter). Keir spotted a large man with four men with him, he had a cane. He entered the bar, the patrons became quite, he asked John to sing, and enjoyed a meal. He interogated John and paid him 3 gold coins for the information. Meanwhile, Keir investigated the warehouse office of ‘Daroon’, learned a Mister X had been in 9 days earlier, Keir then found a spot to hide. ‘Daroon’ left after eating his meal, taking Ellasandra with him (She was in Cat Form). He conducted some business and then left (Sent shadows to investigate the folks at the bar and one to find Keir). He learned Keir had Locked his door. He then left by barge to the “Lady Mermaid”. Keir asked Kenshin to learn more of the Lady Mermaid from his Sailor friend ‘Dolf’. They stayed and watched the vessel through the evening. One hour before Dawn, Keir woke to an attack by a Shade. He decided it was time to leave, and eventually Keir and Ella slipped on board the ship to search it. Finding no sign of ‘Daroon’ he left. Ella stayed on board to watch a RUNE they had found.

Kenshin learned of a Sage that worked at ‘Tinkle’s Rare Items”. Before Kenshin, Keir and John could enter the shop, an Elf motioned them over. He whispered everything to them, after getting them in the alley, they paid him a total of 50 gp to learn the RUNE was by Gel, a reportedly dead Lich. They also learned that Gel had been a member of the Cult a one point. (The NPC man ‘G’ was played by Peter)

We ended the game at 2240 hours.



Mike’s Recorder Notes:

Kier, during the last session, was investigating the bounty for his head in Hilsofar.
Someone is unobtrusively pulling wanted posters down… the thieves guild are trying to help Kier out.
The posters are copied magically. Kier looks for Kara.
The thieves boss is darun nightshade out of Waterdeep.
There’s a heart with an X through it on the original poster which was the source of the copies.

Kier shows that to everybody… including Simon.
We find out that waterdeep is the best place to go…

So after gathering information (can we teleport to waterdeep if we pay someone?)
He gives a key to Kier to portal over to Waterdeep.
(for sake of convenience we’re taking the players who are showing up later this session! :-D)
Kier touches the door…
There’s a shimmering field, and another room that appears to be the mirror of this tavern.
We step through, and it’s earlier in the day… morning…
A nicely dressed elf is in the corner sipping wine. He beckons them over and tells them a few stories… and they ask him about darun. The man tells him about going to the docks.
We go to the docks, and John Dempsey the halfling mystic artist sings. Everybody is enamored.
He takes a while to tell people his name… (lol) and sings again.
Kenshin gathers information about the man who told them where to go. Who?
Kier thinks that there could be someone taking notice of everybody.
Kenshin helps out, and finds who Kier is talking about with Kier.
The enemy fails at being sneaky. We tail him!

He’s talking about the man on the paper to some dock workers and collecting the bounty.
They go to a bar… and there’s a sign with a hand but half of it is missing.
the shady man tells the man with half a hand that the guy on the poster (kier) is here.
They “round up the boys” and leave to go find him.
Kier follows the guy who was talking about the good information.
One man asks kenshin “Why the long sword?” “because it’s effective!”
While kenshin talks with the strange man from the “Lady Mermaid”, John starts singing a little diddy on stage.

Kier checks the warehouses. Some are open, some have guards…
It gets to be late afternoon. A big (kingpin like) man with a cane and four men walks out.
Kier’s evil sense is tingling. Everybody else melts away when the man with the cane hits the street.
He breaks into the warehouse the man just left, and it looks more like an office than a warehouse.
Kier avoids a plate in the ground, and finds the desk which he can’t unlock.
There’s a logbook of who comes and goes… with fees and bribes, and one interesting entry.
9 days ago – Mr X. Business Transaction. The symbol matches the mark next to the hearless symbol on the wanted posters.
The man walks into the bar, and John can’t continue singing. Everybody goes cold… they go back to being shady and really find interest in their drinks.
Kier tries to arcane lock on the warehouse.
The man looks at the halfling and asks “do you know dead man dancing? Go ahead and sing it.” tossing a gold coin.
Ella changes to housecat size and goes in the bar.
Kier goes to the bar but stays outside to track him.
Darun asks the halfling’s name. “John Dempsey.” and beckons him to join them.
Darun shows John the wanted poster of Kier and says “do you know this man?” Kier says yes, at baker’s square. Then Darun shows him more pictures, which John doesn’t know but tries to lie to Darun about it.
John doesn’t take the money. Darun wants a few more songs, and John sings them.

A sailor walks in and chats up Kenshin, while Kier finds a coin which is probably a tracer, then he throws it randomly somewhere.
Darun walks out (with the kitten Ella) after his meal, and the atmosphere changes.
When back at the warehouse, the door is jammed, and the henchman tells Darun.
Darun taps the lock with his cane and it falls off, but he tells the henchmen to summon sly and replace the lock, then they enter. The cat is then given treats.
Two shadows enter the room… the cat is put on guard.
Darun talks to the shadows, one he tells to go to kier, the other one is told to keep an eye on interesting characters at the bar. It splits and goes after the rest of us.
The kitty brain-mails everybody this.
Kenshin sees some whiz by him, he tells everybody they’re going for the bar.
Sly enters the warehouse and talks to Darun, telling him of John and Kenshin.
A person shows up to examine the lock and who/what messed with it.
He divines where Kier was, and the kitty paws at it.
Then they all leave, the kitty follows.
Shadows slide up darun’s back and make his suit darker.
Darun goes to the barge, and says no to the kitty.
We can make out the words “lady mermaid” (dun dun dun!!!)
The sailor goes up to John, calls him short, and asks him what he’s doing, asking for Sea Chanties.
John sings one, and the sailor joins him, and tells him they should play mumblypeg.
Then John mentions the barkeep has free ale, and John flees while the sailor is distracted.
Kenshin asks him where the ship was from (Kalumsport.) Dropping off Cargo.
Merchant vessel. Cargo. Then they play dice. 50 people are on that kind of ship.
He gets the sailor to show him the ship.
Their next destination is neverwinter.
Captain smith is the vip.
Kenshin gives him more gold for ale.
and the sailor thinks Kenshin is his BEST FRIEND! (another contact?!?)
Kier is spotted, and asked if he’s the man on the poster (the man who spotted him has friends)
Kier explains (bluffs) that he was already caught and let go…
Kier needs some sleep after watching the boat so long, and has someone try to watch the boat as well.
At dawn he feels something unnatural, and he becomes wide awake as a shadowy being reaches where he was.
He and Kenshin strikes it, and it melts away, losing cohesion and substance.
in the morning the barge offloads cargo, but not the big guy nor minions.
The cargo goes to a warehouse, sold to a merchant.
The ship is a three deck ship
Kier went on the vessel in sailor costume. With Ella in mouse form.
The captain is talking to the navigator.
The big guy is nowhere to be found.
in the first mate’s room there’s a gold mark like a rune.
they contemplate using the rune. They step on it, and nothing happens.
We search the city for the symbol, and find a very shady elf in a cloak who whispers all the time.
And asks for what he thinks is a lot of money (twenty five gold.)
it’s gel’s symbol. He’s a lich. Long dead. (he built the cave of wonders)
The lich was a member of the tabarath cult (but we didn’t hear that from the elf)
Peter wants to know why the tabarath cult is targeting Kier.
We tell the elf “we’re the ones who can stop the tabarath cult.”

Special thanks to Peter for role playing the sailor and the elf.

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