It’s All Greek To Me – Session 4

“Into the Depths of the Labyrynth” or “What Madness is this?”

GM: George Cool


  • Andrew
  • Rebekah
  • Sean
  • Dan

Meal: Home-Made Nachos and Cookies

We began with a quick recap of the fall of Delphi, the destruction of Apollo by Uranus and the removal of the Minotaur Curse on Danalaus. Danalaus was crowned King of Crede, set the government back in order, as the new order religion of the Triune (Uranus, Athena and Artemis) were spread by Kyros and his stalwart crew.

The GM made mention of how men were trying to sign aboard the ship of Kyros.

The Adventure Begins…

Our adventure resumed with us preparing to descend into the dungeon where Danalaus’s father had disappeared (Reference Materials perused). After much research, the group made their way to the Iron Door. Kyros set a spell upon each of the group that would leave a trail and allow only them to follow. Filia grabbed an item of the previous king and cast a spell of tracking to allow her to track the elusive prey.

Entering in this is what they discovered…

Room 1 Corridor T Intersection (Form 42)
Room 2 Cupid’s Eatery/Frat House (Disable Spring)
Room 3 Gaia’s Gift Room
Room 4 Ocean / Shark Gate
Room 5 Corridor T Intersection (Form 44)
Room 6 Room – Statue Temple Room (Apollo Statue Destroyed)
Room 7 Amphitheater – Platinum Throne on Stage; Seating has various thrones
Room 8 Teleported to –  Metal Room – Bronze Metal BULL
Room 9 Happening Bar Scene – Found Hercules – Door in Barrel
Room 10 Cerebus in large room with Well

ROOM 1 – A Corridor, T Intersection, Strange writings on the wall. A fine hair of white noticed to the LEFT. A spring mechanism in the door. We disabled and bypassed the poison residue upon the door handle. Entering therein we discovered…

ROOM 2 – A Tea Room fit for the Goddess of Love. A cupid awaiting to seat us at a booth. Food, Drink and Sexual Intimacy taking place with no concern for those who might be looking on. Filia spots the crown of a king by the back door. The only mortal, Danalaus, Cupid fires an arrow at him… and misses. We open the door with haste (and grab the crown on the way by) and enter the door and discovered…

ROOM 3 – A Long Hall, 60 ft across and going for as far as the eye can see. Stockings hung upon a mantle that likewise spans the distance, each with a name. An elderly woman sits upon a chair, knitting and darning wool. Ignoring us until we speak. Clues lead us to believe this is Gaia, Mother of All. She gives Filia a knitted cap. Kyros inquires if she knows of how to leave. She asks if he wants to leave now, he says no, not until we’ve found the one we search for. She gives him a gift of a Cherry, telling him to eat and think of where he wishes to be, and all who are touching will travel with him to that destination… BUT DON’T EAT THE SEED! Thanking her, he asks if his mother is doing well. She says yes, and thinks upon it. Filia asks if she nows how to get around the maze. Gaia responds that there are 50 forms of the labrynth, we entered at 42, and if you seek to leave by the entry, you need to leave by 42, she also says Danalaus’s Father came in on Form 17. Taking our leave we exit back through the door we came in from and discovered…

ROOM 4 – We fall 10 feet into a well place boat. Filia spies a cloth of a robe in a Large Mechanical Shark. We spy an isle in the distance. We make for the shark and find a door inside his gullet. Entering the door we discover…

ROOM 5 – An identical T Section Corridor, though this one is lacking the marking upon the wall that Kyros left. Espying a piece of leather by another door we enter and discover…

ROOM 6 – A Temple dedicated to Apollo, his Statue lay in Ruin. Upon a Small Alter Platter are strange items representing his Domains. Danalaus grabs the bow and arrow – gaining dominion over LUCK, and consequently gaining a single Point of GODFIRE. Indicating the rest should take an item, Kyros Grabs for some scrolls – Gaining domain of KNOWLEDGE; Cleatus grabs the bandages and Gains the domain of HEALING; Filia grabs a candle and gains the domain of FIRE. All are likewise bestowed with a single point of GODFIRE.*1 The Temple shakes and begins to collapse. Kyros is struck by debris for 12 points of damage, while the rest stumble to the doorway. Leaving with haste we discover…

ROOM 7 – An Amphitheater with thrones of shapes and sizes. We deduce it’s representative of all the major powers – Gods and Demigods of Note. Each present has a throne, and if they sit upon it they have a connection to those who pray or are doing the related portfolio of the character (Healing Arts for Cleatus, Learning and Knowledge for Kyros, Calling upon Luck by Danalaus, etc). Resting for a bit, Kyros heals his injuries and presses onward. They go back through the door and discover…

ROOM 8 – They are teleported to a Metal Room with a Bronze Metal Bull. It challenges us to a RIDDLE –

I have a head and a body but I am not alive

I’m a prized item but am useless by myself

Its your strength which determines how far I can go

You can hold me in your hand but I am never thrown

Kyros ponders the question and then offers up the answer*2. The metal bull melts and we see the clue is the door from which we just entered. We go back through that door and discover…

ROOM 9 – A Bar Scene – Satyrs aplenty. Drinking and no other men, well, except for Hercules sitting and drinking at the bar. Hercules is trying to finish his last Trial of the TWELVE he was given by Zeus. Recover the Flint Scythe. We offered a way out if he wished to accompany us. He agreed. Cleatus had to be persuaded to leave by the barrel door where the previous king had left his signature “Danalaus IV was in the house”. We entered the door and discovered…

ROOM 10 – A room with a well, and besides it was Cerebus. It cowered before Hercules. We fed the dog three large steaks and then descended the well. Below was the River of Fire, and the Ferryman Chiron. We asked to be granted audience with Hades to recover what didn’t belong here. He ferried across the river and we discovered Hades sitting upon his Throne. He sneered at us and asked if we were here to surrender ourselves. We scoffed and rebuked him saying nay, we sought one who’s time had not come yet. He showed Danalaus his father, quite alive and well – albeit being tortured. Danalaus rushed to him and held him. Kyros and Company were walking closer when Hades said “You, give me that.” He sought the Cherry Kyros carried. Filia rebuked him saying “No, it’s his gift, and you can’t have it.” A nearby group of shades had surrounded the group, and one close by reached out to grab the Cherry. Kyros’s reaction was swift, he lashed out at not only the offending shade, but all that surrounded them, cutting them all down. Hades tried to do a divine call and the Cherry rebuked him, and finally he summoned flame, to which was dispelled by a snow storm (Courtesy of Filia’s knitted cap). Kyros reached Danalaus, the others touched him and he ate the cherry, leaving the seed.

Returning to the Throne Room, the group was surprised to see a coronation in progress. Danalaus stopped the ceremony. We then had a celebration for the return of the older king, and Hercules. Hercules asked to be pardoned of his final trial, and then requested a woman of his choosing from the Danalaus. Danalaus had to sate Hercules’s lustful request with eight woman when Filia declined his agressive advances.

Danalaus was sought by three men from different kingdoms – Athens, Troy and Sparta. Each seeking an alliance, but not wanting any treaty with the others. Sparta for Marriage, Athens and Troy for trade. Kyros snuck back to his ship to avoid all the fame he found he got from his legendary adventures.

We ended the game…

NEXT SEASON – The Trojan War.


*1 – Each Character is Granted DOMINION, along with Path of the Pharaoh – Manipulation, Sphere of Influence and God Fire

*2 – The Answer was ‘NAIL’

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