Gamma World

GM: Matt K.


  • Andrew M.
  • Sean L.
  • Calvin B.
  • Rachael M.
  • George C.
  • Dan C.


Character Creation took about two hours. We had two Yetis, a Swarm of Kittens, a Doppelganger, an Android, and some sort of megamind.

Ran in a pregen game – adventure started with us guarding a city section. Discovering a robot coming every morning blowing up. It became a common occurence that you could set a clock to it. Our group decided to investigate. We killed the next robot – interupting the pattern.

We found a castle, with strange beings. We tried to talk to them and ended up in a battle. Killing them, we engaged even more enemies within. After a massive battle, we rested and leveled to 3rd level!



Board Game was then pulled out after 5 hours of RPG, and we played a fun game of Betrayal at House on the Hill.

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